Image273 Well, how many times have we had such fleeting thoughts that the moment we got it we lost it!!! Something just like this train… it passes by just so fast… just the same way that you would expect from an unknown person…

But I would not agree with that!!! How many sweet memories do we hold of this train, how many soulful journeys have we gone in the train??? Wind blowing into our face when we stood out at the door, or as kids forced our faces out of the window to look at the curving train!!! It does not just end there… so many strangers who we made friends with by the time we reached our destination. Or as a matter of fact all the wares that would be sold by all kinds of people… some whom as kids we despised at the first look while some how ever they looked, we drooled for the stuff that they sold!!!

Ok lets move a little more Image274ahead… train journeys always remind me of the yummy food that mom packed up for us!!! the first thing that as kids we did the minute the station was out of sight was to ask mom if there was something to eat! I really pity mom! Well, the hogging done, the next best thing that at least my brother and I did as kids was to decide what to play!!! The ball always fell in my mom’s court… she was never involved in the first place but then my bro and I could never come to an amicable decision! We always needed a third party to settle that!!! Psst… that happens even now sometimes!!!

I am now getting nostalgic!!! I want to get out and venture into another journey!!! I have a few things planned up… but I am not too sure when that would materialize!!! Well, so long until then!!!

More updates when I actually have them!!! 😉

Well I can think of only one song as of now!!!

Gaadi bula rahi hai… seeti baja rahi hai… chalna hi zindagi hai… chalti hi jaa rahi hai…

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