She finally started speaking to me!! but just as much as necessary!!! not a word more not a word less!! this has started taking its toll on me. just cannot seem to get back to my senses!! my brain is numb and i am working like a machine. i wish i could get the matter settled right away. but no!! i have promised myself to give her more time!!
lets just wait and watch!!!

There is only one thing that crosses my mind after all that happened today. Yes I did it!! I finally decided to take the plunge and tell her that I truly love her!! But what worries me the most is that it left both of is numb and stunned!!! She did not expect “ME” to pop the million dollar question obviously and I did not expect her to call me “Crazy”!!!! A plain simple “Nirav, can we talk over this later??” would have done wonders!! Now I am left wondering about what I have in store for me on Monday!! Whatever happens, I will not give up!! I am good looking, I am tall and I am an intelligent romantic!!! She is beautiful!! Telling anything more about her would be as good as insulting she and I don’t want to do that to my love!!
I have my parents in confidence and that is my biggest strength! Though I am aware that they may have had a thousand plans for me, I am also sure that they would accept with open arms the girl that I tell them I love. But here it is not just any girl! It is her, the most beautiful one!!! Even more beautiful than probably the moon itself!!
They say love drives you to the limits. I have experienced that myself!! While last Monday I was at the lowest of my self confidence, today I have all positive energy oozing out of me!! I am now only hoping that this would carry me across tonight and tomorrow!!!

na dekha suraj main usko,
na dekha taaron main usko,
chand si hai meri mehbooba,
chandni main hai dekha usko!!

uske pyaar mein main hua deewaana,
machalta raha, jaise shamma ke pas parwaana,
uske pyaar mein hai mera dil dooba,
jald hi ab uske yeh hai bataana!!!

samajhne ka bahut waqt de diya,
pyaar jataane ki karenge ab kriya,
nahin hone waala koi ajooba,
baat kar ke kahenge ishq ke samundar main tair liya!!

kaam ke is jhamele main,
fase hain is zindagi ke mele main!!
kuch tanha se, kuch mayoos se,
kabhi haste se, kabhi khilkhilate se!!

kuch ajeeb si kasak hoti hai dil mein,
dastaan aisi yaad aati hai zubaan pe!!!
woh pal, woh tanhai, woh shor,
waqt hi kuch aisa tha, ab ho rahe hain hum bore!!

ek aisi hai daastan bani,
kuch jaani, kuch anjaani!!
dard bhar jaati hai dil mein,
garmiyon mein, sardiyon mein!!

akele, tanha baithe hain hum,
yaad aa rahe hain woh pal!
inme humne mehsoos kiye the gham,
dil main jo macha gaye hulchul!!

hum se izhaar kiya nahin jaata,
beete din humein abhi bhi hain yaad!
raat ko theek so nahin paata,
shayad chain ayega marne ke baad!!

din ke ek ek pal ginte hain,
waqt kat ta nahin!
kyun itna chahte hain unhein
yeh shayad pata unhein bhi nahin!!

kabhi to nazre milayenge,
dil ke armaan poore honge hamare!
tab khushi se hum jagmageinge,
jaise madhu se mast bhanwre!!