We were over at Mr. Hong over the weekend just because Wifey and I were in an experimental mood. It had been really long since we had had something different. We were tired having the run of the mill Chinese and had heard of Mr. Hong opening 2014-06-13 20.08.42shop fairly recently. The best part was that it was close to the house at Orion Mall which made it all the more attractive. It also happened to be my last working day at my ex-office and I was really looking forward to relax. The point with choosing a restaurant that I strongly believe is that it should be kid friendly. If not in terms of play area, at least in food. Mr. Hong was just the place. The kids loved it and found it awesome!

We met up with the chef and Mr. Rakesh there and told them that this was the first time we were going to try Oriental food and would really need some kind of recommendation. The two were really courteous and accommodative enough and provided us with several suggestions that they felt we could try. To start off, with, we were offered Jasmine Tea which I tried but wifey turned down promptly. She never is a tea person, only coffees for her. The tea smelt really nice and tasted great as well. However, if you would ask me, I would not try it fairly often. 2014-06-13 20.13.16May be once in a blue moon.

When it came to mock tails, I really liked the Apple Ginger Mint and the Orange Chili Lemon. However, if I were to choose from the two, I would probably choose the Apple Ginger Mint. The combination really tasted great. This went well even with the main course that we ordered.

2014-06-13 20.23.52We tried the Tom Yum Soup and the Som Tum Classic Salad. The soup would be a recommended yes if you were suffering from a cold or a blocked nose! It really opened my nostrils up!

Next was the Steamed Veg Dumpling and Scallion Sesame Veg Cake. The girls loved the Scallion Sesame cake and were wanting for more! The thing was something really different and extra ordinary. A round veg cake that was not too sweet, not too spicy. Just 2014-06-13 20.45.33the right balance. Now this was a clear winner.2014-06-13 21.06.09

The main course came and Crispy Lotus Stem, Spicy Green Bean Curd, Stir Fried Veg in Chili Garlic, Veg Shanghai Rice, Veg Phad Thai Noodle and Jasmine Rice. Well, an important point to add, Jasmine rice smells of Jasmine but, there is really no Jasmine Flower or smell or essence2014-06-13 22.21.00 added to it. It naturally grows with the smell of Jasmine. The Crispy Lotus Stem tasted sweet and was another instant hit with the girls! While we had never seen what a Lotus stem looks like, the team there was nice to show one to us. We are told that the Indian version is a fairly smaller one in length and size in comparison to the Thai version!

The dessert served was the Peach Cobbler and I must say, it was yum! Polished off in seconds. That’s all. The less said the better!

While Skore Pleasure League is primarily a league of twenty different games that open up to play at different weeks; I tried them all today and found that some of these games were really fun. The basic idea behind the games is to educate people that sex is not just about “Wham Bam, Thank You Ma’am!” but lot more.
It is a general male misconception that women don’t tend to react to sex and often lay their faking the big “O”. Well, this would continue all your life, whether it is your wife or your girlfriend if you tend to have just one thought on your mind – finish, clean up and move ahead. Women are as much humans as us men yet are made very differently. I am not the person who can clear a myth that women can orgasm multiple times, however, I have heard the same as well.
Of the games that are available to play, I liked the games Moan by Numbers, and Magic Hands the most. These games tend to teach the average male about the multiple erogenous zones that women have on their body. Jumping straight towards her breasts and the vagina is not the way foreplay begins! There is a lot more to it before you can even unlock her body and mind towards you! The other games Read between the Lines and Get a Clue tend to teach a man when a woman may be thinking what! Often Men tend to get carried away in case of furtive glances that a woman may be giving out to check them out. I am sure, getting a little educated with this, they would give second thoughts before jumping in the bandwagon and approach the girl directly!
While the games Date Dash and Scroll2Skore are among the most mediocre games, Spl Private Eye and Flashy Footwork are Ok. Role play roulette, Roll the dice and Super Skoring Stances did make me feel that the timer was running faster than usual! Scroll2Skore could have been shorter since my fingers still hurt after scrolling continuously for 3 full minutes non-stop!
While more games would be unlocked in the coming week, I shall try to play the new games and see what they are like, until then, signing off…

Skore Pleasure League:
a.       About the Pack:
1.       A Special Edition Pack to be launched during IPL – Pack to be named as T20 Pack and will contain 20 coloured condoms.
2.       It will  be a consumer offer pack – Sex Positions booklet will be given free along with this pack
3.       MRP of this pack would be Rs. 120/-
4.       Consumers buying this pack will be eligible to win some cool prizes – Daily, Weekly Prizes and Grand Prizes to be won
b.      About the Contest:
1.       Name of the contest is Skore Pleasure League
2.       Minimum Age for participating in the contest is 18.
3.       Anybody above 18 will be able to participate in the contest. They just need to log on to Skorecondoms.com/SPLto kick start
4.       During Registration, they would also have to select a particular team out of the 10 teams available. ( 9 teams from previous season’s SPL) – Please note that these teams have no bearing on the contest and all prizes will be decided only on Individual performance. The teams are only for creating excitementduring the contest.
5.       Once registered, they will get to perform 20 exciting & thrilling tasks
6.       Based on their performance and other measurement standards they will be awarded runs for each taskcriteria for awarding runs and how many runs to be awarded will be decided
7.       Score that the user gets will get added up to his/her account
8.       There will be Daily & weekly prizes for the participants who are top scores in the leader boards on the respective day and week. ( Ideally Top 1 daily & top 5 Weekly)  
9.       At the end of the contest, the top 3 participants will be win the Grand prize. However, to be eligible to win a Grand Prize, the participant needs to buya Special Edition T20 pack.
10.   Everytime a Special Edition T20 pack is got, the participant needs to open the pack and find an unique code inside the top flap of the pack.
11.   Each code will give you extra runsand increase the chance of winning the Grand PrizeExtra Runs will be high and this will act as a motivator for them to buy more packs
12.   Entering the unique code will give him/her 50 runs
13.   Share SPL on Facebook timeline – 4 runs
14.   Inviting Facebook friends to SPL 6 runs
c.       Winning the Game:
1.       There will be three category of prizes – Daily, Weekly & Grand Prizes
2.       Daily  prizes will be given at the end of each day. The top 3 contestants at the end of the each day will get Skore Merchandise of Rs.250 each. (180 prizes in 60 days)
3.       Weekly prizes will be given at the end of each week. The top 5 contestants at the end of the week will get Book My Show Vouchers of Rs. 1000 Each.
4.       The Weekly prizes will be given away for 8 weeks – total of 40 winners
5.       Grand prize will be announced at the end of the contest – June  30th
6.       The top 3 contestants at the end of the contest will win the Grand prizes – iPad.
7.       However, only contestants who buy the pack will be eligible to win the Grand Prizes.
8.       For all prizes, except the Grand Prizes, the respective prizes will be couriered to the winners
9.       Only for the Grand Prize, contestants will be given the prize in person. However, they would have to produce the Special pack with the code which they had purchased.

You can play the games here

Exactly a year back, I had just resumed work after taking a 4 month hiatus from work. The 4 months that I had for myself were enough to send me on a soul searching trip. I must say, what was something unexpected of me, had actually happened.
I tried my hand at everything I loved and everything I hated.

  1. I did babysitting to my not yet a year old and not yet 2 years old daughters.
  2. Dabbled my hands at stock market full time, gained some, lost some.
  3. I even got myself certified. As of today, I am officially a certified Six Sigma Black Belt professional.
  4. I tried my hands at cooking. Churned out pizzas made from the scratch; prepared Lebanese food – Hummus, Falafel and Pita Bread.
  5. I tried writing a book. That story is still in my head. Never got down to actually putting it down to paper. I will do it someday. May be some rainy day, when I am in a somber mood.
  6. I tried attending every event that I was invited to. Networked and made many real friends. Some still in touch. Some not.
  7. I must have given a dozen job interviews. Some not even pertaining to the field that I worked previously in; just so that I knew and understood what getting rejected felt like.
  8. Watched loads of movies. Several times, I watched movies over and over again until I felt sick.
  9. Tried getting fit. Did not succeed. Why? I realized waking up early was not my cup of tea!
  10. Invested time. Lots of time. In whom? My daughters, my family, my parents. They are after all who matter the most at the end of the day.

All this as I soul searched myself. I think there are still several things that I need to do.
My soul searching is still on. I need to rekindle my passion for poetry, photography and many more things. As of now, it is all lying dormant. Waiting for the next wave.
What is your soul search all about? How do you plan to do it? Do let me know.
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This post was in response to the video that eBay posted. You can watch the video here.

Featuring a full-fledged chicklet style keyboard for laptop, media center and smart TV users, this keyboard mouse combo is flexibility redefined. Allowing a range of up to 10m wireless, the keyboard provides standard functionality that all keyboards provide with additional dedicated keys for volume, email clients and playback controls.
A brief list of the pros and cons that I encountered when I used this device combo.

  • Easy to install with a nano USB receiver plug and play functionality.
  • Full sized keys on the keyboard.
  • Matte finish and side grooves on the mouse helps with grip.
  • Battery pack for the keyboard also works to slightly raise the keyboard with rubber feet at the bottom to keep it secure.
  • 2.4GHz wireless connection which works for up to 10 meters.


  • No lights to indicate if the caps-lock, scroll-lock, or number-lock is switched on.
  • Batteries for keyboard and mouse are different sizes.
  • Minimal spacing in between keys and keys are flatter than a standard keyboard.
  • Number pad is also slightly different than a regular keyboard.


  • 10 meter wireless transmission
  • 24 Months Battery Life
  • Accurate cursor positioning
  • Media control
  • Ultra-small Nano receiver

About PVR bluO

Entertainment today has expanded in definition to encapsulate all such forms of past-time occupation that becomes an enjoyable experience for either the individual and/or a group. One can comfortably construe that social habits of man certainly include entertainment as a critical part of life and without which it would become a drab existence. As lifestyles improve and the world comes closer with cultural influences intertwined, the common man has moved a long way from days of mere movies, picnics or even the occasional visit to the local club for a game of tennis or even visiting a restaurant with the family or friends. India’s changing economic and therefore social dynamics today have resulted in a plethora of choices that have been made available to consumers. With globalization being a thing of the past and the world being our playground, entertainment concepts have evolved.

What therefore necessarily develops as a need gap is a holistic entertainment approach that would be able to provide an ‘all under one roof’ model given that the currency of time today is very expensive. PVR is the only company in India which synergizes complete entertainment options for its audiences. The largest ever Entertainment Company in the country, PVR has partnered with the Cineplex Group of Thailand to bring to India bluO, India’s biggest bowling chain with 135 cosmic lanes.

A one of its kind entertainment concept in India, simply speaking what T-20 has done to the sport of cricket in India, bluO has done the same for the sport of bowling. In other words, bluO is a perfect concoction of bowling, world cuisine, live music and fun concepts coming together. Bowling at bluO is not just a game but a game that has been brought to consumers as per all international standards and guidelines. The bowling lanes, the weight of the balls, bowling shoes and trainers present at bluO ensure a seamless bowling experience and assorted entertainment. bluO has multiple  options for family entertainment like Karaoke, dart games, etc. which makes it an ideal destination to bond, de-stress and rejuvenate, bluO serves as the perfect host to corporate parties, theme & kitty parties, birthdays & anniversaries as well as get-togethers.

PVR bluO currently has bowling centers in Gurgaon, Bangalore, Pune and Chandigarh.


Food and Beverage

Not compromising on ‘more’, bluO offers a wide range of delectable delights that include delicacies from across the globe to relish on, which are suitable for adults & kids with specific preference. bluO is well provisioned with a bar that stocks both international and domestic liquors. It also houses some choicest wines. Customers can feel free to partake of either non/alcoholic beverage as per their requirements.


 “Inkredible Tattoo”- Tattoo Lounge

The Tattoo Lounge has been introduced as a part of integral services of bluO defining the more of “Bowling and More”. The intent is to build an attitude and connect well with our target group; experimental, adventurous, sporty, sexy, edgy, non-conventional…all blended in one! The concept should propel the patrons to dare and create the impulse to go for a permanent/ temporary tattoo to define one’s personality.


Race Tantra- F1 Racing Lounge

The Formula One Racing Lounge at bluO Bangalore as a part of integral services of bluO. The intent is to build an attitude and connect well with our target group; Sportiness, adventure, fun in alternative forms a part of lifestyle for today’s generation.