Featuring a full-fledged chicklet style keyboard for laptop, media center and smart TV users, this keyboard mouse combo is flexibility redefined. Allowing a range of up to 10m wireless, the keyboard provides standard functionality that all keyboards provide with additional dedicated keys for volume, email clients and playback controls.
A brief list of the pros and cons that I encountered when I used this device combo.

  • Easy to install with a nano USB receiver plug and play functionality.
  • Full sized keys on the keyboard.
  • Matte finish and side grooves on the mouse helps with grip.
  • Battery pack for the keyboard also works to slightly raise the keyboard with rubber feet at the bottom to keep it secure.
  • 2.4GHz wireless connection which works for up to 10 meters.


  • No lights to indicate if the caps-lock, scroll-lock, or number-lock is switched on.
  • Batteries for keyboard and mouse are different sizes.
  • Minimal spacing in between keys and keys are flatter than a standard keyboard.
  • Number pad is also slightly different than a regular keyboard.


  • 10 meter wireless transmission
  • 24 Months Battery Life
  • Accurate cursor positioning
  • Media control
  • Ultra-small Nano receiver

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