It has been long since we wore those blazers!
It has been long since we got into those yellow buses!
Those fun filled times playing antakshari with friends,
And getting reprimanded from all the ends.

It was funny standing in those morning assemblies,
Those lectures from the Principal and allied ceremonies!
The loud boom of the school head boy demanding attention,
And detesting the evening detention!!!

Comic books under the desks,
When exams were bugging us like pests!!
The fight for marks with the teacher,
Who ceremoniously gave sermons like the preacher!!

How I miss that beautiful phase of life,
When now I am walking on the edge of a knife!!
But it is not that I don’t enjoy this,
After all doesn’t everything have its own bliss?

People may consider that i am going crazy!! But i am seriously worried about the way the city is expanding!!! Can you imagine the kind of traffic jam that we were stuck in yesterday?? Goodness gracious it was one hell of a nightmare!!! With the traffic gone haywire, all that i could think at that point of time was cattle!! That is how the vehicles were being treated!! Holy Cow, i don’t want to be stuck in another traffic jam!! If i ever do, i wonder what would remain of me.I would so very love to be with my friends and family. Laugh away till i roll on the floor. I wonder if that is ever going to come true!!!

Life has been a pain…

… all of last week. There was hectic work schedules. To top that weekend rush and i was stuck in a traffic. Call it the justice of nature or the wrath of my well wishers!! If you can’t get home early, you might as well stay later than you want!!!

Feel like writing a poem about it sometimes!!! But how can any one think of a poem when you are so very preoccupied!!! I sometimes wish i could fly!!! As i type this i am listening to Don’t Turn Around-Ace of Base!!!

Wonder what would happen if i did turn around now!!!