A new life needs to start for me,
One that is happy and glee!
Leaving the past behind, moving ahead,
Leave no road uncovered, take care at the bend!

You shall encounter rocks abundant,
May be even stones on your pavement!!
Care not for them and cruise ahead,
Life calls you with its arms spread!!

It is very unwary, very cowardly vice,
If I decide to give up than think twice!!
A new somebody awaits me,
Somebody whose love shall be true to me!!

aaj na jaane kaisi yeh rut aayee,
man ka chain uda le gayee!
kal tak jo they khoye khoye se,
aaj hain bade ukhde ukhde se!

man main ye utha mera sawaal,
kya humne khada kiya tha koi bawaal?
is toofaan se gire man main,
jaane kahan kho gaya hai mera chain!

badal se gaye hain hum bhi,
badal se gaye hain wo bhi!
ikraar hamara pasand aaya nahin,
pooche bina chain hume aaya nahin!

kho diya hai ek achcha dost shaayad,
ya pehchaan liya hai zindagi ka koi sach naayaab?
man main uthe sawaal hazaar,
dil main se jawaab aaye na ek na chaar!!

Hopefully my last poem on love. I shall now never commit the mistake of falling in love!!! atleast not until i get married to some one!!

hey hang on a sec!!!!! who is that beautiful one that goes there!! time for me to spin more yarn for some body new now!!!!
till then!! Sayonara!!!