It has been long since we wore those blazers!
It has been long since we got into those yellow buses!
Those fun filled times playing antakshari with friends,
And getting reprimanded from all the ends.

It was funny standing in those morning assemblies,
Those lectures from the Principal and allied ceremonies!
The loud boom of the school head boy demanding attention,
And detesting the evening detention!!!

Comic books under the desks,
When exams were bugging us like pests!!
The fight for marks with the teacher,
Who ceremoniously gave sermons like the preacher!!

How I miss that beautiful phase of life,
When now I am walking on the edge of a knife!!
But it is not that I don’t enjoy this,
After all doesn’t everything have its own bliss?

1 thought on “Memories of School

  1. your poem reminded me of my good old school days but you rightly said this life is alo not that bad..its also cool….good one…

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