Exactly a year back, I had just resumed work after taking a 4 month hiatus from work. The 4 months that I had for myself were enough to send me on a soul searching trip. I must say, what was something unexpected of me, had actually happened.
I tried my hand at everything I loved and everything I hated.

  1. I did babysitting to my not yet a year old and not yet 2 years old daughters.
  2. Dabbled my hands at stock market full time, gained some, lost some.
  3. I even got myself certified. As of today, I am officially a certified Six Sigma Black Belt professional.
  4. I tried my hands at cooking. Churned out pizzas made from the scratch; prepared Lebanese food – Hummus, Falafel and Pita Bread.
  5. I tried writing a book. That story is still in my head. Never got down to actually putting it down to paper. I will do it someday. May be some rainy day, when I am in a somber mood.
  6. I tried attending every event that I was invited to. Networked and made many real friends. Some still in touch. Some not.
  7. I must have given a dozen job interviews. Some not even pertaining to the field that I worked previously in; just so that I knew and understood what getting rejected felt like.
  8. Watched loads of movies. Several times, I watched movies over and over again until I felt sick.
  9. Tried getting fit. Did not succeed. Why? I realized waking up early was not my cup of tea!
  10. Invested time. Lots of time. In whom? My daughters, my family, my parents. They are after all who matter the most at the end of the day.

All this as I soul searched myself. I think there are still several things that I need to do.
My soul searching is still on. I need to rekindle my passion for poetry, photography and many more things. As of now, it is all lying dormant. Waiting for the next wave.
What is your soul search all about? How do you plan to do it? Do let me know.
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