akele, tanha baithe hain hum,
yaad aa rahe hain woh pal!
inme humne mehsoos kiye the gham,
dil main jo macha gaye hulchul!!

hum se izhaar kiya nahin jaata,
beete din humein abhi bhi hain yaad!
raat ko theek so nahin paata,
shayad chain ayega marne ke baad!!

din ke ek ek pal ginte hain,
waqt kat ta nahin!
kyun itna chahte hain unhein
yeh shayad pata unhein bhi nahin!!

kabhi to nazre milayenge,
dil ke armaan poore honge hamare!
tab khushi se hum jagmageinge,
jaise madhu se mast bhanwre!!

5 thoughts on “Pyaar ke woh pal

  1. hmmmmmmmmmm. i thnk ur heavy wrk schedule is catching up with u….this one to be frank not good as the earlier ones. but nice try………..may be ur restricting to certain words……but anyways best of luck fr ur new onea. eagerly waiting fr them. take care.—–kk

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  3. Ur poetic skills are on showcase again,this one seems to start off in melancholy & ends on a happy note with hope.Keep up the good work dude.

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