tumhari adaon pe lakhon hain deewane,
patate tumhein kahin nikal na jaye zamane!!
khoobsurati ka nayab ajooba ho tum,
ret ki tarah haat se fisal jaati ho tum!!

chanchal machli sa tumhara yeh mann,
na jaane kitno ko de gaya hoga yeh darshan!!
katilana muskaan ho deti,
har ladke ka dil ho machalati!!!

3 thoughts on “Tum

  1. I really wanted to write a poetry as a reply to yours…You write really really well…..But not doing that..just not in the mood!!!
    Wanna share a simple n honest thought….
    U dont need to pataofy a person whom u love…..
    Use a better n more decent word here!!!
    Hats of to ur poetries otherwise!!!
    May u get in life whatever u want…..
    Enjoy Maadi!!!

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