She finally started speaking to me!! but just as much as necessary!!! not a word more not a word less!! this has started taking its toll on me. just cannot seem to get back to my senses!! my brain is numb and i am working like a machine. i wish i could get the matter settled right away. but no!! i have promised myself to give her more time!!
lets just wait and watch!!!

4 thoughts on “Mid of Wednesday!!

  1. great nirav. welcm back to the world. just joking…. its really good and meaningful. its like wine u know… goes on improving with the time. and can i have ur autograph now only plz. i am not sure u will remb me after u becm famous “wink” . and i really mean it when i ay that cute face of urs doesnt look nice without that cute smile :).

  2. hmmm.. my niru boy is rowing the love boat.. 😀 (sorry couldnt resist) but the anguish is horrid isnt it? its so frusterating.. u wanna b wid her but u know u have to give it time.. so near, yet so faar.. i know exactly how u feel my man !! hang in there buddy

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