Bike WashOh what a sight it was to watch these kiddos help out their Dad with all gusto in washing the bike! Somewhat like the days when Dad used to ask us to do it for him! My bro and I, all padded up and all charged up, armed with bucket in one hand, mug and soap in the other… we always forgot that we would need the cloth to wipe the vehicle post the wash!

As usual, both of us would end up fighting with him walking off in a huff! Ha ha!!! What fights they were after all for you may wonder… well… they would be for trivial matters with me usually bossing and pushing my brother around. Like most of the older brothers, I was a bully too!!! And like most younger brothers, my brother was some one who hated to work!!!

Well, let me get back to these two kids!!! They live right across the street where my house is located. This morning just as I walked out in the balcony to put my towel out to dry, I noticed these two shouting at the top of their voice!! Just round the corner was their dad!!! He was getting them water to wash his bike! The boys scrubbed scrubbed and scrubbed until the bike was sparkling clean! Well, if that was not enough, they were almost ready for a bath too!!! Had it not been a city side scene, I bet the kids would have had a bath right there! Ha ha!!! I just can’t imagine the sight that it would have made!!!

Well, until I can find something like that to blog about, its ciao from me!!!

I am reminded of the song Thande Thande Pani Se from Pati Patni aur Woh!

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