Kaboom! Bang! Crash!
I was lying on the road! People started to crowd around me. My eyes were getting heavy, I closed them. That’s all I remember of the incident. Next when I opened my eyes, I was in an unknown place. There were no people crowding over to see me, no commotion and no noise. There was an eerie silence all around me. I thought I was dead! Shit! How could I be dead so soon?? God! You can’t be so very harsh on me!
This place that I was at, it looked like heaven. This was a posh place. I could bet all my money, that’s if I had any in heaven that this place had to be heaven. It had everything that one could think of. The place or room, whatever you may call it, had all the modern amenities. Heaven looks far more advanced and posh to me. There was a deck of CDs lying in front of me, or rather, to my right. They were amongst the finest collections that I had seen in times. I was on a bed and it felt too comfortable to be true. There were two bed lamps on the either side of my bed. A book shelf adorned one corner of the room. I could not make out what books they were. A study table lay next to it, a table lamp still glowing. The chair was drawn back. It looked like someone had just got up from there. The other corner had a large window. It was heavily curtained. Moonlight peered in, softly illuminating the bedpost at a corner. Light breeze blew in from there chilling the place. There was no one in sight until now.
There was a searing pain in my right hand; I tried lifting it but found it heavy. It was then that I realized that there was a plaster on my hand. Wait a minute… did I say a plaster? Holy Gods! I was not dead! The dead don’t have plasters on them! Well they may have one in their grave, but in heaven? That was out of question.
I felt the sudden urge to get myself up in a seated position. I turned around and tried getting up. That was when I heard her for the first time. “Please stay lay down; at least for a while.” I looked around to see where the voice was coming from. It was a sweet voice and it fell like manna to my ears. The only source of light in the room was that of the table lamp that lit place faintly. The moon looked at its prime, but then there were curtains that let in very little light. I could see some one moving in faint shadows.
From what I could make out of the shadows, she was in a pair of pajamas. The room suddenly filling up with a sweet smell of flowers as she drew closer to me. I turned around and flicked on the bed lamp. The room was filled with more light. She stepped out of the shadows into the light, her face still shrouded with darkness. She wore a pair of red satin pajamas, small flowers scattered in print all over it.
“My back is sore from lying down for long. I need to be seated.” She was much closer to me now. I could see her slender hands extend towards me as a gesture of help. I declined the offer and got into the seated position. She drew the only chair that was in the room closer to the bed and sat down. I could see her clearly now.
She had a flawless skin and was dusky. Even in the limited light, her dusky self reflected enough light to put a mirror to shame. Her features were very well done up. It looked like as though she was the creation of an artist’s art. Her lips wore a bright red color. I am not sure if they were painted red by a lipstick or were a natural. Her eyes looked like two small gleaming candles. A straight nose and equally straight hair. In short, she was very beautiful, a feast to the eyes.
While I was admiring her beauty, somehow a puzzled look crept into my eyes. I am not sure if it was so very visible, but she immediately sensed my confusion. “I was the one who banged into your bike this evening. I was at a very high speed and the collision sent you flying over the head. You fell unconscious there. I could not leave you there for the dead and run because I am a doctor myself.”
It all started coming back to me. I had had a wonderful day at work today. I had just been promoted. I had had a great appraisal. My life that day looked perfect to me. I had been humming my favorite songs while I was riding back home. I had stopped at a junction for the signal to clear. The road behind me and ahead of me had been clear. I could have gone ahead, but… anyways.
I tried to open my mouth to ask her something, words failed me and my throat was dry. I squeaked. “Water.”

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