I started going out for a jog since yesterday. A lot of my friends had been advising me since long that I needed to shed the weight that I had put on really badly! After taking into concern these weighty issues, I finally relented. And guess to whom I relented. None other than my mom!
Now that I have started, I guess there is not much I can do to wriggle out of this situation. Mom is really adamant and upset at me this time round. In fact I was to start going out for this jog since Tuesday itself. Somehow I managed to save my lazy self from the torture that day; but at what cost? Mom did not talk to me that whole day! Women and their black mailing power! There is no way you can save yourself from them.
These two days, that is yesterday and today that I went out for a jog have weighed themselves very heavy on me! My body aches and cranks like a car right out of the 1950′s! I have literally been dragging my feet to every place I go. The effect has been so profound that I have suddenly lost the appetite to crank up the accelerator on my bike too! I now drive like an uncleji from 80′s would drive his faithful Bajaj. It’s a different matter of fact that I own a Bajaj bike too! Now all that is missing is a retro helmet. Looks like it is time again to pull out my Radio City retro helmet that I had won a few years back! Duh! I so very hated it!
Friends are just round the corner! Time to go for lunch. Catch you all laterz! :)
I will try and post a pic of me if ever I do reduce my body weight! :)

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