Image304-1 I had long been intending to move my blog out of blogger and host it on a separate host. This week I finally did that. I have finally moved out of my Blogger account and created a self hosted WordPress blog. All my old blog posts that you were used to seeing on my other blog are here. So you would feel absolutely at home. In case you have subscribed to my blog using my feeds or by email, don’t worry that you would have to subscribe over and again. If you are seeing this post on your reader or in your mail, you already have been pointed to my new blog. Just update your bookmarks to point to my new site. I would continue to post my updates and ramblings as often as I can. Sometimes in bulk, like in the past few days, or sometimes in moderation, like it was a few months back; but I promise to keep you entertained for sure.

Till then its time to wrap off for now.

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