Oh Rang Rasiya… the tune still fresh in my mind! Dholida Dhol Dhimo Vagad Na… the regular one that can never be done away with! We Gujaratis also have a weird taste when it comes to music, especially when it concerns Navratri!
What starts of with lots of fanfare also goes on with equal pomp and show! every girl I know is decked in the best of her finery! Too bad most of these girls are taken! even otherwise, I have not attempted to patao one for the fear of getting beaten! The other day a friend was asking me if there would be any great looking girls around there. What could I tell him? I had not found one myself for the last so many years that I have been frequenting there!
I wonder sometimes, why does this have to be celebrated just once a year, but then I reminiscent, had it been more than once, would we ever have enjoyed it? Even otherwise, these days I hardly see the kind of gusto that I used to see as a kid! Somehow it all seems to have been getting lost and missing with every year that passes by!
Oh lets leave all this behind! We were talking about girls and music! The finery and the dance! Till date I still consider myself to be a novice at the Dandiya steps! And Garba? Forget it! I don’t even remember when was the last time I saw myself there! Freaks me out! This year it could go on to be even more pathetic for me! I have hardly had any kind of a physical activity at all! Earlier I at least used to walk up to the bus stop to take my bus to work!
Lets see if I meet the same set of faces this year! Man! I hate it when this set of chicks spoil the whole rhythm with their delicate looking difficult steps! So very puts me out of sync! Girls, you need to understand you embarrass me for having two left legs!
Chica, this year if I seez you doing dat, I saiz I will run awai!

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