I have been facing the flak internally almost everyday that I am writing the series. I am not a regular writer but then with this, I was planning on trying something innovative. However, I found it fairly stifling. I had the story line there, up and ready when I first started writing the story. Somehow, I don’t see it progressing the way I want it. Thinking of the way the characters come together and how they interact on a daily basis has been difficult given the fact that I am spending almost all my day studying for the Six Sigma Certifications that I have lined up for myself.
I am planning to complete the Green Belt certification today and hope to be Black Belt certified by end of month. It is not too much to ask but then I cannot forget the fact that I have two beautiful daughters to play with everyday. Even as I write this, my older daughter is jumping over me from my right to my left just for the fun of it and I am juggling the writing bit as she does this! Any ways, for tonight I have a plan to watch a nice movie on the TV while I sip my Black Dog.
I explored the TV guide and there is a Bond movie playing on. Classy huh? I have never been a fan of the ultra classy movies, Harry Met Sally, Benhur or even The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I have not been a fan of the extreme gore inducing movies like Species, Aliens vs. Predators etc. But then, I prefer movies like the games I love to play! Need For Speed series inspired The fast and the Furious, or was it that the movie inspired the game, I don’t know. But then the cars are something I would die for! Another movie series that I loved was the Men In Black and the Bad Boys! both movies were extremely fun to watch and entertaining.
These movies were all that I could watch with the family, but then like all women say, “Men are dogs” and because dogs need their daily fix of bones, there are some movies I do love but then I would not dare watch in front of my family. Brother and wife are ok, but then not my parents and kids! The American Pie series is one such and so is There’s Something About Mary. Both hilarious movies but then best advised with parents and kids on a vacation! And when they are on a vacation, what better way than to live it up in style and catch up with every favourite movie a glass of Black Dog Scotch in hand and the remote in the other!
Ciao for now. And if you have been reading my series, please do motivate me by commenting on at least one of the posts in the series! I badly, terribly need it! I am getting demotivated faster than fizz escaping soda!

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