While the master Blender was giving tasting notes and while Rishi was trying to keep an eye on his subject, somebody else was noticing him as well. Slyly through the corner of the eye. Wishing just that he would see her just once. Notice her as well. However, he was too engrossed in himself.
Suman had never thought that she would see him once again after the comedy night years ago. Much water had flown down the Ganges since then. But the feeling that she had felt towards him that day, she had not felt the same for anyone else. How was it possible, she wondered. She wanted to corner him. Tell him what she felt about him. She wondered if he felt the same as well; but she also wondered if he had even seen her at all.
She let out a heavy sigh. Was there any point wondering so much as well. What would he think of her as if she made the first move? But what was wrong in making the first move? Wasn’t this the time and age of equality among genders. No. Indian men would remain Indian men. The same stereotyped men. Ones who thought of every women as an object to use and once bored, throw them away and move. All that the men ever wanted was sex. Discuss marriage with them, discuss settling down with them and they would be faster than the Houdini at vanishing from the sight. Oh, what if this man was not like them. What if this man valued her, her feelings and did not want just her for her body. Thousands of questions and emotions were erupting in her mind.
Little did Suman realize that the group activities had changed from discussing the history to tasting the Scotch. She forced herself to come back to her senses. It was necessary if she had to enjoy what she had come here for. The entire group was now seated around a large table with the master Blender at the head seat. She tried noticing more of her surroundings. The entire setup was created to give the dramatic effect of having transported them back to the Victorian Eras when James MacKinlay would have taste his first blend! The table also seemed to be from the same set up. Large, heavy looking, made out of mahogany. The chairs were made of mahogany as well. Each had tall backs. It made her look puny and kid like when she tried imagining herself seated on the same chair in front of a mirror. It reminded her how the people back then lived in style!
One of the Assistants came around the table handing each a glass of Black Dog Scotch. The master went on to explain that the glass held the Centenary edition of the Scotch. He asked each to take a sip and let the group know what they thought about the flavour and what the contents that went on to prepare the Scotch would have been. Each had his own interpretation and thought about the flavour. This was repeated one after the other with each of the Black Dog Scotches available. Twelve year old, Eighteen year old and Twenty One year old. He even joked, that while in our country, one was eligible to vote at the age of eighteen, eligible bachelor at the age of twenty one, he could have the Scotch legally only at the age of Twenty Five. Oh so very unjust.
After all the versions of the world’s finest Scotch were discussed, each were handed out a paper with the real ways to taste and the real aromas that each Scotch had. Every one had gotten at least one item wrong or may be missed it out altogether.

Black Dog 21 Year Old:
Colour – intense amber gold with shimmering highlights
Nose – a harmony of delight orchestrated by a multitude of seductive aromas immediately arouse the senses. Soft peaches and ripe citrus fruits coupled with pear, marzipan and bergamot begin this flirtatious fanfare. The aged malt whiskies from the Speyside valley make their own inimitable contribution by adding that distinctive charm and finesse. Velvet and smooth. The hand of time in the finest sherry wood has weaved its magic spell to perfection.
Taste – Bold and magnificent. This outstanding blend must be given the reverence and respect it richly deserves. For twenty one year’s these aged single malts and grain whiskies have remained dormant in our cold dark warehouses before they were finally blended together by our master Blender. Therefore the spirit must be held long on the palate for at least twenty one seconds to awaken its many hidden attributes. Like a rare masterpiece it will reveal its inner beauty. It’s inner world. Intense flavours of Seville oranges, ripe sweet mangoes and ginger spice reward the palate, and then whispers of bitter chocolate, liquorices and crushed almonds drift lovingly on.

Black Dog 18 Year Old:
Colour: Deep, golden, glossy and mahogany.
Nose: A truly noble bouquet of luscious malty tones and rich velvety textures with a hint of dolorosa sherry in the background.
Taste: Round and mellow complex quixotic flavours with an impeccable balance of individual malt and grain whiskies and silky soft tones that dance on the tongue.
Finish: Luxuriously smooth and long, a testament to the malt & grain whiskies which have spent years in oak casks & vats.
Black Dog 12 Year Old:
Colour: Amber, with golden highlights.
Aroma: Robust malty, mellow woody, complex yet delicate aroma of sherry and vanilla
sweetness with whispers of soft peatiness in the background.
Palate: Beautifully rounded, heavy body, pronounced malty, mellow woody, fruity sweetness
with teasing light warm peat.
Finish: Luxurious and exciting, long and warm with a touch of cream.
Black Dog Centenary:
Colour: Amber with golden highlights.
Aroma: Matured wood, toasted malt, mild honey sweetness, delicate butterscotch bordering on cream,
with floral nuances that emerges at the end.
Palate: Robust body, pronounced rich malt and oak and sherry sweetness, spreads warmly in the
mouth like silent sea waves.
Finish: Balanced, long, intense and bright.

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