Rishi was spell bound at the sight of this girl. She was all that he had ever dreamt of. She had the same eyes that dogged him in his dreams every night. He sat mesmerised on his bar stool wondering what way he could strike up a conversation with her. This was not his nature. He was supposed to be an outspoken extrovert. Girls were like toys to him, ones whom he had dancing on his fingers. On one end, his heart wanted to go out strike up a conversation with her and on the other, his playboy image did not permit it. He was torn apart by his own personalities.
Alex was watching Rishi and following his eyes. He knew exactly what Rishi was looking at and what he wanted. He offered Rishi his help. He said he knew the girl as a regular at the bar. Rishi agreed. He saw no option. He thought of the best pick up line that he thought would work. He put it down on a tissue paper and sent it across. The answer that came back was something that Rishi had expected. A resounding slap. After all, this was real life and not a movie where if the hero sent across a cheesy pick up line to the heroine she would fall for it and then the two would be singing a romantic duet the next minute. But what came next was not what he had imagined. The girl told him that if he wanted to talk to her, he had to be a man! He had to walk up to her and talk to her. Saying so she turned around and walked away clicking her heels behind her.
This definitely was not an easy catch to be. He had expected some retaliation but not this kind. His senses were now alert. He took the girl’s advice and walked down to her table and politely requested if he could join the two girls. Suman was about to say something when Sneha’s heel struck her hard on her foot and she shut up. Sneha twirled her hair and said “Of course!” Rishi saw an empty table and asked the girls if the would have something. Once again Sneha replied, “Sure, we would have something, but then what would that something be?” Rishi signalled for the menu and deferred with the girls if they would like Sushi. The girls agreed. He was not sure what the girls would like to drink. He deferred to them again. They did not reply. He decided to let go of it. He ordered a Black Dog for himself. The girls were not sure if the choice was good but they decided to try it none the less. They added that they would like a Scotch as well.
All this while Suman kept trying to avoid the gaze. This was the very opportunity she had been waiting for. But how could she let him have it so easily. She wanted to play a little hard to get as well. After all, Rishi had not been easy himself! She said she would also like Salmon with Black Trumpet Mushrooms, Brussels Sprout Leaves, and Fingerling Potatoes. She wanted to know how deep Rishi’s pockets would go. She wanted to know if he knew how to live in style!
Rishi introduced himself as a businessman. The girls introduced themselves as well. Sneha was particularly curious about the pairing of the Scotch with food. After all Scotch was supposed to be had as an after food accompaniment. Somewhat like a dessert. Rishi cleared the air of doubt. He went on to explain how Scotch could be paired with many different kinds of food items including Dark Chocolate. he even explained that Suman’s choice of Salmon with Black Trumpet Mushrooms, Brussels Sprout Leaves, and Fingerling Potatoes was indeed a great combination since it paired the Scotch with a food item from it’s place of native origin! Just then Rishi’s phone rang. He let it ring. He could let the world wait while he wooed his woman of dreams!

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