I am starting out a story that I am planning to build. I would be posting an episode daily. I haven’t thought of a suitable title for the story yet and would be hosting a poll at the end of the series to get it a suitable name.
It was a fine evening and Rishi was relaxing in the bar. He had had a fairly rough day at work and was badly in need of unwinding. It being a Friday today, he had plans to hit his favourite hangout; the place where he generally picked up his weekend dose of fun and girls; the Kama Sutra Bar at Hotel Ashok. The place was famous for having the best pick from the entire town!
Rishi was a Private Detective, 30, suave, unmarried and a playboy with the girls! He had had enough of being pestered around by his parents to get married but had no intentions of doing so. He lived alone in Bangalore, away from his parents who stayed in Lucknow. He had come down to the city to make a living out of working for a software firm but then things had not worked out as he had intended. He was soon out of job thanks to the recession. Just when he was planning to go back to his parents in Lucknow, his friend Bobby had introduced him to Sunny, a Private Detective and the two hit it off well. The money was good, and even better was the prospect of being at the best places at the client expenses. His clients were mostly women who wanted to know what their husbands were up to. Today, he had successfully solved a high profile case. 
Once at Kama Sutra Bar, Rishi ordered his favourite drink, Black Dog Scotch, 21 years old blend on the rocks. He loved sipping the scotch. It always left a fine taste in his mouth. It was a relief after the down market whisky he had been drinking at the dingy dungeon like place while tailing his client. Since Rishi was a regular at the bar, it was only one Bar Tender who served him, Alex.
Alex was someone who was known to his colleagues as a fun loving person. Always alive and had never had a dissatisfied client. It was his capability to entertain clients and get them to mingle that kept him everybody’s favourite. 
Today, the bar was empty. The people had not started pouring in yet and Rishi had come in early. Out of curiosity or out of plain humor, Alex asked Rishi why he preferred Black Dog over the other brands. Rishi was not surprised. He had thought of it often too. But then one swig and he knew why he chose it. The brand was over a hundred years old. 130 to be precise and carried true Scottish legacy on its shoulders like a responsibility. It was an international luxury brand. One to which people all over the world relaxed to. One of the world’s finest Scotch Whiskeys! Beyond that Rishi loved the colour. It was intensely golden and had shimmering highlights. It tasted bold and magnificent. Intense flavors of Seville oranges, ripe sweet mangoes and ginger spice rewarded the palate and then whispers of bitter chocolate, liquorices and crushed almonds drifted lovingly on. Just like a lady in the arms melting just after a deep passionate kiss. The smell was no less. Soft peaches and ripe citrus fruits coupled with pear, marzipan and bergamot all blended well by a master, one who was definitely a magician in disguise! 
Alex had certainly not expected so much of knowledge about the scotch from a person like Rishi. After all, Rishi was known to Alex as only a guy who often came to the bar to relax, unwind and enjoy. This was the first time Alex realised Rishi to be a fairly learned and a well-travelled person! Rishi loved to refer to these as just his, personal evenings, Black Dog Easy Evenings!
Just then someone caught Rishi’s eye. She was stunningly beautiful and he had never seen her at the bar earlier. She was just the right person he would call living in style!

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