Rishi and Suman left the party feeling fairly giggly. They had had a little too much of wine already. Since there was nothing much planned, hunger took priority and they decided on having dinner. Now all that was left was deciding on whose place the date was supposed to happen! Both agreed to go down to Rishi’s place.
Rishi was not one of those regular bachelors who tend to have a fairly badly maintained house. His house was spic and span and smelt fresh with freshly changed Orchids and Roses. Suman looked around his house with wonder. She had never seen such a marvellous house. Good that she did not take him to her house. He would have thought so wrongly about her.
Rishi started his cooking. He knew she ate all kinds of cuisines. He had a stock of fresh chicken and some herbs at home. He decided to make the Kashmiri Chicken. He knew it would go really well with the Black Dog deluxe. He had prepared himself well. He knew it would not take him too long to prepare. But what he wondered was how comfortable Suman was feeling. He decided he had to make her feel at home. He offered her a few books to read, but she was not interested. She offered to help him in the kitchen instead. He did not know whether he had to be elated or scared. His previous experience had been with his mom and that had not been good. She had scared the day lights out of him!
Rishi got into the extensive process of preparing the chicken. He preferred to have his chicken marinated and drunk well in the sauces. He asked her if she was willing to have a Black Dog until they waited. It gave him an opportunity to show off his Bar and its collection. She was impressed. He showed off his extensive collection of all kinds of liquor. He saved the best for the last. His collection of all kinds of Black Dog Scotches!
Their chicken now appeared marinated. Rishi quickly finished off the rest of the cooking. They spoke about their life’s ambitions until then. Suman definitely had a lot of dreams. However, Rishi never told her that he was an undercover private detective. This was one thing he could never ever afford to divulge. He told her he had his father’s business that he looked after and beyond that he made a good deal of money from his stock market investments. Suman was not impressed. She thought he was living off his father’s money!
They moved the dinner to the table. Suman quickly set up the table and Rishi poured out Black Dog Deluxe for both of them. Suman took her first bite and she was impressed. Rishi definitely was a great cook. The pair of Scotch and Chicken worked great too! Rishi obviously had a lot more planned. His fridge was stocked with chocolate and cheese. He had planned for that as a dessert. It wasn’t too late in the evening. So a few more pegs would do no harm, he was sure.
After dinner and dessert when they were sitting back and discussing the party earlier, Suman got a call from her parents. This brought her back to reality. She decided to call it a day. But Rishi had not had enough. They barely knew each other enough that they could be jumping into the bed and feeling each other’s bodies all over. It was too early for that. He was not even sure if he could ask for a good night kiss. He decided he would drop her back home. Suman declined. She said she stayed at a distance of 10 minutes from Rishi’s home.
Rishi persisted. Suman finally gave in and she agreed to walk down to her home.

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