Now that I have ample time at my hands, I have thought of a simple Plan of Action to keep my self preoccupied and busy! I have always meant to do these things but some how as a part of the rat race, I never got time for it! Although these do appear like the resolutions one makes during the New Year’s Eve or on their birthday which are never meant to be fulfilled, I would try my best to stick to them!

  1. On the top of my Agenda shall be to blog more, more and lot more. Be it about what I am doing, my photographs or even the stock Market. I shall try and revive my Stock Market tips blog and see where it goes!
  2. Next on my agenda definitely has to be to exercise. I know I need it really badly and now thanks to Jisha, my older daughter, I hope to get it too!
  3. Photograph my daughters more and photograph a bit of my surroundings too!
  4. Relearn my stock analysis skill! I seem to have forgotten more than I had anticipated!
  5. Read more books! I currently have a stash of books that are waiting to be read. Let me try and finish them once I am done with relearning my stocks’ analysis skills!
  6. Catch up with movies I have missed over the past so many months!
  7. Last but not the least, definitely find myself a new job!

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