It was one of those days when I had a rough day at work. I was sure that my boss would ensure my weekend would be spoilt. To name it, it was supposed to be a loooooong weekend. I had had plans in place long before. However, destiny and my boss were bosom pals and thought alike. I was fucked. Generally I don’t prefer to indulge my scotch loving side on a weekday. The kids would ask too many questions. But today was just not the day to contemplate all that.

Our client based out of Delhi had been giving us aBD TGR_Easel 3x2-opt2 tough time. We had been prepared with all kinds of contingency plans, this, however was not something we had planned, let alone thought about. Financial year end meant that they were looking into several reports, several other things and interacting with several other people as well. While we had ensured that everything went well, it was messed up by the team at the last moment.

I was just not able to think clearly. How could such a mess up happen? Everything was cloudy. I could not blame anyone. We were a team, we stood together and we fell together. I pulled out my trusted Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve and made myself a drink. Even before I had taken my first sip, my 3 year old daughter came running to me. She wanted me to sleep next to her. With great difficulty my wife took her back into the room. I had to think.

That’s how a weekday for me would generally be. I would never be able to enjoy one bit of anything I took up. May be it was me, may be it was how I had become. Life changes us all. May be I should stick to enjoying n the weekends when I am a lot more relaxed. May be….

Disclaimer: The content featured above is only for people aged above 25 years. Underage drinking is illegal and against the law. Drink sensibly and carefully and please never drive under the influence of alcohol.

Baap ka raaj samajh rakkh hai kya?
Whatsapp ka taaj pehen rakkha hai kya?
Jise dekho har hafte Daughter’s week bana deta hai,
Fokat ka message hai to kya baap ka maal samajh leta hai!

Aaj Daughter’s week, kal biwi chalisa,
Kabhi to aadmi ke man ko de dilasa!
Na koi poochta hai, na koi pehchanta,
Har waqt office aur ghar ka hi Raasta?

Shaadi shuda hai banda,
gale main laga hai faansi ka fanda,
Koi to bulao, Kabhi pyaar se puchkar lete,
Abbey, kutte ko bhi hum se zyada pyaar hai milta!

Rhyming ki aisi ki taisi,
nahin karna hai mujhe rhyme,
saala zindagi ban gaya hai jaise act of mime!
daaru bhi gale se neeche nahin utarti,
saali chadhne se pehle hihai ludak jaati!

Post ke title se kuch nahin hai lena dena,
woh to kuch likhna tha, so likh dala,
Ab aake maarega kya?
Chal hat! mujhe nahin hai ab aur likhna!

A few hours into the night after Suman got home, her phone started ringing incessantly. She tried ignoring it but it would not go away or stop. Finally she got out of the bed and picked up her phone. It was Sneha. There was no point ignoring it. She would not stop. She picked up the call. With a drunk Sneha on the other side, she knew she had a long night ahead. Sneha had been out of the country for nearly a week now. This was the first time she had called from there. The first thing she blurted out was that she was in love! From there on it was only down hill. Being a motor mouth, she started rattling off.
Sneha said she met Danny soon after she reached Maldives! He was her perfect match. He so very resembled the Greek Gods! He looked so much like Hercules! He was really strong also. She said he could bring her the stars if she asked for them! They had gone swimming together, they had even gone surfing! Oh what a wonderful time the two had had together. Sneha started overwhelming Suman with all kinds of details. Even intimate ones.
Suman picked up a bottle of Black Dog and poured herself a large peg. She needed better company. She went about reminiscing all the things about Rishi. She kept pouring herself pegs upon pegs. She did not realize when she got as drunk as Sneha. She realized she had drunk too much once she had finished one too many a bottle.
Sneha went on to say how she and Danny had gone out on a date. Danny had gone so out of the way to book the entire restaurant for just the two of them. Then there was a band playing the most romantic songs! The entire restaurant was lit with candles! Oh how romantic! The icing on the cake was that he found out that she loved Black Dog Quintessence and found one specially for the night from all of Maldives! He gifted it to her while the band was playing Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”. It so very reminded her of Titanic! She felt like she and Danny were Rose and Jack! His gift of Black Dog so very reminded her of the sketch that Jack had gifted Rose!
Sneha went on with a lot of details after that, but Suman heard none of them. She had fallen asleep, dreaming of Rishi.