Now that I have ample time at my hands, I have thought of a simple Plan of Action to keep my self preoccupied and busy! I have always meant to do these things but some how as a part of the rat race, I never got time for it! Although these do appear like the resolutions one makes during the New Year’s Eve or on their birthday which are never meant to be fulfilled, I would try my best to stick to them!

  1. On the top of my Agenda shall be to blog more, more and lot more. Be it about what I am doing, my photographs or even the stock Market. I shall try and revive my Stock Market tips blog and see where it goes!
  2. Next on my agenda definitely has to be to exercise. I know I need it really badly and now thanks to Jisha, my older daughter, I hope to get it too!
  3. Photograph my daughters more and photograph a bit of my surroundings too!
  4. Relearn my stock analysis skill! I seem to have forgotten more than I had anticipated!
  5. Read more books! I currently have a stash of books that are waiting to be read. Let me try and finish them once I am done with relearning my stocks’ analysis skills!
  6. Catch up with movies I have missed over the past so many months!
  7. Last but not the least, definitely find myself a new job!

The previous few weeks have been entirely hectic for me. So much so that I literally wanted to pull my hair off! My in laws were to come over for a few days, my wife decided she had to go into labor and my youngest daughter decided that she had to make her presence felt physically! Yes, we had a second daughter in our life and we decided to call her “Aarna”!

Moving beyond that, I decided I wanted a short break and so I took an extended leave to sit back and retrospect on my life. This meant I had to get other sources of income as well. This so that incase I ever go out of job, I would have something to fall back upon. Smile I decided to dabble in stocks, more so, the derivatives market. The place where if I had made loads of money, I had lost loads as well! Sad smile Now if I am to go by the stint that I exited the derivatives market in 2007 by, I can only keep my fingers crossed hoping I would make some money! Lets see…

In other news, I am still looking for a new job. So in case you happen to drop by my blog and see this post and think that you could help me get hired, here’s my LinkedIn Page –>

There is only one thing that crosses my mind after all that happened today. Yes I did it!! I finally decided to take the plunge and tell her that I truly love her!! But what worries me the most is that it left both of is numb and stunned!!! She did not expect “ME” to pop the million dollar question obviously and I did not expect her to call me “Crazy”!!!! A plain simple “Nirav, can we talk over this later??” would have done wonders!! Now I am left wondering about what I have in store for me on Monday!! Whatever happens, I will not give up!! I am good looking, I am tall and I am an intelligent romantic!!! She is beautiful!! Telling anything more about her would be as good as insulting she and I don’t want to do that to my love!!
I have my parents in confidence and that is my biggest strength! Though I am aware that they may have had a thousand plans for me, I am also sure that they would accept with open arms the girl that I tell them I love. But here it is not just any girl! It is her, the most beautiful one!!! Even more beautiful than probably the moon itself!!
They say love drives you to the limits. I have experienced that myself!! While last Monday I was at the lowest of my self confidence, today I have all positive energy oozing out of me!! I am now only hoping that this would carry me across tonight and tomorrow!!!