Over the past few days, I have been telling you that I have received a box that claims to be Bon 6. Given the instructions, I was supposed to unbox it today. I just did that. Check out for yourself what I found.

Let me repeat once again the Specs of Bon 6:

  1. BON6 has super surround sound!!!
  2. BON6 runs on Chocolaty 2.0 OS.
  3. BON6 has Auto Charge.
Bon6, the latest iteration of the Britannia Bourbon is now crispier and crunchier resulting in a super surround sound when you take a bite of it. Its chocolaty heart, aka Chocolaty OS is so yummy that it transports you to a magical land so very unknown! A sparkling exterior with lots of sugar sprinkled on it, it is so very tasty that I could not compare it to anything eatable next! Chocolate is known to be not just a great “pick me up” but also a great aphrodisiac! So literally, auto charge! the next time you plan some fun, make sure you pick something right!!! 😉

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