We were privy to California Pizza Kitchen’s Mexican Food festival, aptly named Mexifornia! Now, being a complete foodie, it had been long since I actually tasted Mexican food other than what was already available at the Taco Bells chain. I had long been looking for something interesting. That’s when this invite came in.

Let me set the context first. I have never tasted food at CPK. This was my first time there and I am attempting to be as unbiased as I can. All that I made out of the name was that it was a place that served pizzas. That’s all! We were a group of 6 bloggers who had been invited to taste and provide feedback on the menu that was supposed to be released for the general public. Here’s a quick look at what was in store.

We were told that the Food Festival was strictly non alcoholic and hence only non alcoholic drinks would be served. We gave a few of the drinks a quick run. The ones I tried were Summer Splash, Orange Party, Cranberry Punch and Cucumber Cooler. I liked the Summer Splash really well. It was a mix of Orange and Pineapple. The flavor was so intense that it left a lingering wish to have more and more of it.


Being Vegetarians has both its own advantages and disadvantages. But here, all that I could see was advantages! The starter, Paneer Enchilada, that was served was nothing less than a blast of calories! Filled to the hilt with Paneer, the starter set the mood going great about what next could be expected.


This was followed by a pizza, aptly named Baja Pizza. It was a thin crust pizza with a topping of onions, roasted corn, thinly sliced mushroom, black beans and mozzarella cheese. This had been garnished with hand torn cilantro and crème fraiche. I must say. I just fell in love with the flavor. It was perfectly made and was light on the mouth as well. There were no such ingredients in this that would dull the others’ flavor! Each and every flavor stood on its own. Crunchy and crispy, this was definitely a delight to devour!


The main course was ended with a serving of Tacos and Mexican rice. Frankly speaking, I thought this was the weakest link. Neither did I enjoy the rice which I found to have too much of lemon nor did I find the tacos worthy because the flavor of cabbage killed every other flavor.


The finale, the best that had been saved for the last was the Dessert! I must say, it was a sin worthy of being committed again and again and again! I just fell in love with the Chocolate Mole Mousse! It was delightfully creamy, chocolaty and melted in the mouth! It left a wonderful after flavor! We loved it so much that we actually had two helpings of it! The Churros that were served with it, a one of a kind soft stick seemed to encompass the flavors of not only sugar and cinnamon but also coconut to a good extent. Together, the two were a riot!


I am leaving you with a few pictures to take a look at! In case you happened to try out the Mexican food at the food festival, do leave me a comment about what you liked and what you did not!