Over the past few days I have been utterly busy! So much so that I could not devote time to myself! My older daughter Jisha turned two yesterday which called for celebrations! Celebrations meant kids, their parents, hosting all of them and also taking care that every one went back happy!

Celebrations also meant that there were guests, friends and relatives alike at home. It also meant the added responsibility of seeing to it that none of their sentiments were hurt.

At the end of the day, all of them enjoyed. My Wife left for her parents’ today with both my daughters. It means many things to me. Primary being that I am going to miss my daughters like hell now that they are not around and secondarily that I am now a bachelor for a little more than a month!

Well, my wife definitely wants me to come down to Bombay for a longer duration this time around. I have been maintaining a status quo on that. I am absolutely undecided. I may or may not go there at all!

Over the weekend I had been invited to the Wine and Grill Event that had been organised by UB Group’s Four Seasons. It was supposed to have been a know how for the selected bloggers about wines, their different “species” and how to match them with the food that we eat. It was done just so that a basic awareness could be created in the Indian mindset that wines could be paired well with Indian food as well.
However, one thing that neither they nor I was prepared for was the fact that not only would non veg food be the prime area for focus and discussion, the same would be emphasized in all the manners as possible.
Any way, putting aside these rants, it was the first time I had tasted wine. I have had beer, vodka and even loathingly tasted some scotch but wine definitely was slightly different. The manner in which one checks for its quality, it’s taste etc is so very different! I never knew that! Now just if somebody figured out better vegetarian food to pair it with, it would gain the acceptance that the group wants among us Indians. After all, 90% of the mango man eats vegetarian food!
I managed to get a few photographs at the event. I would post them later this evening after I get home.
Btw, just a small word of advice to a fellow blogger. “Anchoring down at the food counter does not mean people walking down that way are there to meet you. We are as interested in food as you are. Probably even disgusted at lack of space and fumes stinking of burning flesh!”

You can find more info about Four Seasons Wines here.