Baba a name reminiscent for the best in terms of Pan Masalas and other such things has recently launched Elaichi. Available in packages of 5 gms., Baba’s Elaichi is blended with Saffron and comes in an innovative Click Clack box that not only locks back in place but also DSC_0223keeps the Elaichi fresh and safe. The small box easily slips into most cubby holes of cars, purses and trouser pockets. Being light weight it has the edge of being ultra portable. And once you have finished having the elaichi in the box, it doubles up as a small storage box that you can possibly use to store your essentials – paper clips, pins needles etc. Dentists can possibly use it to store their small instruments as well.
Baba was nice enough to send the same to us to know our opinion about the flavor and the enjoyment it gave. Available in an airtight silver packaging that keeps the flavor fresh until opened, the package interested and intrigued elders and kids alike. Each had their opinion when it came to the taste. We have also DSC_0224tasted a similar product by their competitor, so it was a feat in choosing and deciding which of the two was better.
Personally, I have liked the competitor’s product. I found the flavor of the elaichi very subdued while saffron rode most notes. I am not a very big fan of saffron and only like it in very miniscule quantities. The family members thought otherwise. This was an instant hit with my 3 year old daughter and my 60 year old Dad. Both found the product extremely well balanced and nice in taste.
The other drawbacks that I found was that the box was not really easy to close. While it was extremely easy to open and even my daughter could open it, none could really close it. At odd occasions, we ended up spilling the entire contents on the bed and at another, it stayed opened through the day because my wife could not manage to lock it back. This caused the elaichi to lose all its freshness and taste. Baba should probably think of an alternate better method to lock while retaining the metal box that gives it the reusable edge.
Some more pics of Baba’s elaichi below