17 July 2007

कुछ पल जिन्दगी के...

कुछ पल जिन्दगी के अजीब होते हैं,
जाने कितने दोस्त हमें मिलते हैं!
सच्चा दोस्त कोई ना पहचान पाया,
जाने कितने मोड़ पीछे छोड आया!!

वक़्त अब कटता नहीं जाने क्यों,
हर वक़्त बेचैन क्यों रहता हूँ!
बच्चों सा मन ये मचलता है,
ना जाने क्यों उख्डा सा मन है!!

ना मुझे प्यार हुआ है,
ना मुझे कोई बिमारी हुई है!
फिर भी लोग क्यों ऐसे बरताव करते हैं,
बीजी हैं अभी करके टाल देते हैं!!

क्या इस जिन्दगी के कोई मायने नहीं रहे,
क्या हम इतने बीजी हैं हो गए?
मन मेरा दुःखी होता है,
जवाब सोचने पर भी क्यों नहीं मिलता है??

kuch pal zindagi ke ajeeb hote hain,
jaane kitne dost humein milte hain!
sachcha dost koi na pehchaan paya,
jaane kitne mod peeche chod aaya!!

waqt ab katta nahin jaane kyun,
har waqt bechain kyun rehta hun!
bachchon sa man ye machalta hai,
na jaane kyun ukhda sa man hai!!

na mujhe pyaar hua hai,
na mujhe koi bimari hui hai!
fir bhi log kyun aise bartao karte hain,
busy hain abhi karke taal dete hain!!

kya is zindagi ke koi mayne nahin rahe,
kya hum itne busy hain ho gaye?
man mera dukhi hota hai,
jawaab sochne par bhi kyun nahin milta hai??

03 July 2007

Long time no see...

... well I don't deny that I have not been blogging for some time now. There has been no reason either. Just that I did not feel like. I was plain bored and tired. No muse for whom I can write my poems. No, I did not like the idea of nature poetry. I am just not made for it.

I tried acting funny and write funny poems, but I ended up splat on my face!! Man!!! That was a comic scene by itself.

Life has been taking curious turns and that has been keeping me on the toes. I am now absolutely unaware of which way my life would take me. Just going with the flow. But yes, I have been trying to swim upstream too… just that I know it is difficult and is going to take its time.

Sometimes I wonder if all that I would do in my life is just coding. But then I reassure myself. There is something planned. And that divine plan, nobody can change. Not even the astrologers. The so called divine interpreters who claim they know the planets and the stars.

17 April 2007

Dil ki Aawaz!!

kuch panktiyaan likhna chahta hun,
labz nahin bante!!!
dil ke durbaar main chiraag-e-roshni jalaana chahta hun,
Roshni nahin milti!!!
Pyaar ke do bol sunata hun,
bas awaaz nahin thamti!!!!

28 February 2007

Hectic work...

...has caused enough trouble already!! Tempers have already been running high in every possible way!! I was left with absolutely no time to blog!!!! I hope with the turn in events in my life i may be able to spend some time for this!!! Poems now seem to be a difficult stand, but then I still have no muse for whom I may write!!
May be i will go ahead and consider nature poetry as a final resort!!! Just keeping my fingers crossed!! That's it!!
More coming from my side soon!!! So just hang on!!!
BTW, we organized quite some fun stuff here at work!! Will post picts and details about it later!!!