28 September 2006


kyun nahin keh pata unse ke mujhe kitna pyaar hai?
jaan se bhi pyaara mujhe woh insaan hai!!
jata jata ke thak gaye,kyun samajhne se unhein inkaar hai??
kabhi baton baaton main unse takraar hona,
meethi si us muskaan ko chupa lena!!
yahi adaein mujhe unka karti hai deewana!!!
samjha kar bhi dil kyun nahin samajh pata?

04 September 2006

Foodie Me!!!

Yummy food and me go hand in hand!!! Been enjoying and devouring food like crazy over the weekend. No idea how I was able to allow it to get into my belly!!! Maybe that's the reason I have been gaining inches over my waist over the past one year!!

Can't seem to be getting over it!!!! Here is a fundoo idea that I am going to use the next time I feel the urge to cram up food!!!! I am going to go dip my head in a bucket of water until the feeling goes away!!! Just joking!! I am gonna be excercising lotsa self restraint though!!