Amrut Distilleries recently held a blind whiskey tasting at The Glass House, Lavelle Road, Bangalore. Being a scotch aficionado, it was an opportunity I personally looked forward to since the stakes involved were high. The eventful afternoon was brought to life by Mr. Ashok Chokalingam introducing us to the art of blind tasting of whiskeys from around the world. He is a renowned whiskey expert who was also voted whiskey Ambassador for the year 2012, by the Icons of whiskey.
Ashok guided us trough the samples of whiskeys, each time explaining how to appreciate your whiskey and walking us trough different ways to ensure we understood it right. With ample helpful insights, he brought us to understand the smokiness of oak barrel, the sweetness of caramel, the punch of citrus or the spiciness of anise just by nosing the drink and then by letting our taste buds rejoice the glittering whiskey.
We started off with nosing the aromas in the first glass. It smelt a little strong. This was followed up by warming up the glass and the liquor inside with our body heat for a good few minutes before nosing it again. And boy, it was stronger and richer in citrus and wild berries. The taste was sweet, smooth, and almost too sweet. Rolling it around my mouth followed by swallowing it gently, it left a feeling of being smooth in the mouth with no burning in the throat and a short caramel finish.
The flavors and complexities of the whiskeys were interesting and overwhelming as we moved along the glasses. One smelt of bananas but turned out to taste like vanilla and spice. Another was sweet as liquorices with flavors of bourbon, but in reality made in India! We spoke of factors affecting color, taste, how soft water and peaty water make their differences with Ashok guiding and helping us with dollops of hints and directions; all the while trying to keep the event fun and informative but not overwhelming. While no water was allowed, soft drinks were a definite taboo. We consumed several drams in a little over an hour, and though I would have personally liked more time to understand the drinks, huge pangs of hunger struck.
 We moved on to the rest of the glasses. We needed to score the drinks as well on those parameters. The exercise took longer than I anticipated. It was almost 4pm as we were totaling our guesses and scores to see how the whiskeys had fared. The crowd highest was Jim Beam, but got the lowest from me! There were three of Amrut whiskeys in the tasting, single malt, fusion blend and peated whiskey, with JW Black Label, Glen Morangie and Jim Beam being the other three whiskeys in the tasting.
In 2010, Jim Murray named the Amrut Fusion single malt whiskey as the third best in the world
The blind tasting ended with evaluation of the score cards here the most popular choice was Jim Beam followed by- The Amrut Fusion and the Amrut Peated Single Malt then on the list was Johnnie Walker Black Label and Glen Moraingie.
‘Amrut Distillery’ has won numerous awards worldwide and also won the third best whiskey in the world title. The fact that such fine whiskey is made in India makes me proud and the distinct taste has put it on my favorites list.

Photo Credits to All those who made it there and were nice enough to share them with us.

Chilis, notice a missing ‘L’ and ‘E’? If I was take it from the mobile perspective, LE stands for Low Energy and that is exactly what is missing! The staff was full of gusto and a highly motivating manager!This high energy definitely reflected on to the food which was typically American Styled. More about it below.

Designed uniquely, the place reeks of privacy and elan! You could go and plonk yourself on any table and peacefully have your meal without having to worry if somebody is overhearing what you talk! This definitely is a USP of the place I would say! While most places make judicious use of the place to ensure maximum people can be seated, Chilis ensures that while you are with them, you are very much cared for!

Starting up with something to drink from their elaborate choice of cocktails and mocktails, we were suggested to start out by trying their Mojitos and Margaritas! First up was the Watermelon Margarita followed by the Persidente Margarita which literally shook us up! This was a hand shaken Margarita made of Tequila, Cointreau and premium brandy serving two people. While it was really strong in terms of alcohol content, the way it blended with the taste of the food was mind boggling. This was followed up by Cosmopolitan. A blend of Citron vodka, Cointreau and cranberry juice, it definitely was a very strong drink leaving me totally in love with the taste of vodka blend in with cranberry juice.

When we drink, we eat. Starting with the appetizers, Chilis put forth to us a suggestion of Triple dipper with Paneer bites, Texas cheese poppers and Fried Paneer quesadilla bites. Since we were already hungry, we were game enough to try anything vegetarian. The Paneer bites were excellent and had a wonderful crunch to it. In fact, the entire flavor was intact on the inside of the Paneer and the other ingredients. It had retained a unique texture which was definitely yum! The Texas cheese poppers have always Chili’s USP so I would not go into its detail here. The fried Paneer quesadilla bites was deliciously made which resulted in it being gone in a jiffy. Make sure you do not miss it out for anything when you are there!

The Big mouth burger bites was the next to hit our table. They were good, but I found them too Indianised for the restaurant. I did not like them as much as I liked the others. The big mouth burger bites is served with onion rings, fries and a jalapeno ranch dressing which was really good. The onion rings and fries were crispy and the jalapeno ranch dressing was delicious.
We went on to order the BBQ grilled Paneer salad (actually known as BBQ chicken salad for the non veggies, also available with Spicy garlic and lime shrimp for the sea food lovers), because I wanted to taste their salads. The ingredients appeared interesting. What had appeared to be great was even better when devoured. It was a crispy mixture of grilled Paneer, cheddar cheese, pico fe gallo, corn relish, cilantro, crispy tortilla strips and a touch of BBQ sauce served with ranch dressing.
While we do personally make pesto pasta most of the time at home and know how it should taste; the Cilantro pesto pasta with veggies, which was a blend of fresh green, cilantro, nuts and olive oil enlivened in a cream based sprinkled with pico de gallo, little did we expect that it wouldn’t taste like the traditional Pesto recipe.The cilantro flavour over powered everything and the dish fell flat. I am guessing it was a one off incident.
Marinara pasta with veggies was made with a handsome dollop of tangy tomato sauce with a tinge of garlic and basil. I have nothing against tomatoes but then after having eaten so much already, I decided to take a break and skip it. To top it, I found it a tad little too tangy for my taste anyways.

Chillis has a commendable fare of desserts and really deserve brownie points for that. The desserts were ordered twice and we literally jumped into them. The Chocolate Chip Pie paradise was the first to come in. It was nice and sweet and went really well with the Vanilla Ice cream topped over it.
Molten chocolate cake topped the chocolate chip paradise pie on my dessert list. We managed to report it missing and safey tucked inside the stomach in a matter of seconds. Although everyone had eaten enough, once this was on the table, each one of us were drooling. This is one dessert that you must have if you have a sweet tooth!

Pics Credit to Prateek


Mumbai, October 2014 : Experiential Weddings by Studio Neelabh ,India’s most sought after Luxury Wedding Designers & Planners known to create unique and niche signature events par excellence yet again sweeps the most prestigious EEMAX (Events and Entertainment Management Association- EEMA) and GIWA (Great Indian Wedding) awards for their incredible work most recently.EWD by Studio Neelabh is eponymous to creative excellence, serving the wedding industry for more than a decade now and winning many prestigious awards and accolades adding yet another feather to its cap.

EWD by Studio Neelabh is a Boutique Design and Plan House, specializing in the architecture of entertainment by completely transforming raw, ordinary spaces into dramatic environments, translating the clients’ visions into awe-inspiring reality. Their expertise is delivered through the perfect combination of design sense, with in depth research, architectural exactness, technological awareness and innovative, contemporary insight to transform raw spaces into spectacular ambiences and niche signature events.

The man who has no imagination has no wings’ such words inspire Mr. Neelabh Kapoor the creative mind behind Studio Neelabh. On this occasion Mr. Neelabh Kapoor humbly opines, “A decade old experience has been instrumental in conceptualizing, executing and producing some of the largest weddings in the recent years and such awards and accolades motivates us to keep the spirits high! I dedicate these awards to my entire team who works relentlessly in to transforming visions into awe-inspiring reality.”

Studio Neelabh always puts their best foot forward to provide a bespoke experience to their clients and the guests, with an efficient team of experts from India & overseas, to set free a seamless & flawless experience and these accolades are golden milestones in their endeavour.

Here are the detailed description on the awards and categories won by Studio Neelabh:

EEMAX Awards 2014 (EEMA Initiative): Category – Best Wedding – The Patel Family Wedding, Category – Best Space Design – World Theme Party at the Jaigarh Fort Jannat – E – Kashmir, Category – Best Destination Wedding – The Gupta Family Wedding

GIWA Awards 2014 (ICWF Initiative) – Category – Wedding of the Year – The Gupta Family Wedding, Category – Best Sangeet Event – The Gupta Family Wedding – The Patel Family Wedding, Category – Best Mehandi Event – The Gupta Family Wedding, Category – Best Wedding Reception – The Gupta Family Wedding – The Patel Family Wedding, Category – Best Destination Wedding of the Year – The Gupta Family Wedding, Category – Best Design & Space Décor -The Gupta Family Wedding – The Patel Family Wedding, Category – Best Use of Flowers – The Gupta Family Wedding

Quikr has been running an online campaign that goes by the tag line, “Buyer aur seller ka perfect matchmaker, Quikr!” Something similar happened with me. I was looking for a bicycle for myself since several days now. I have put on to much of weight and the walk that I was going for was simply not enough. Also, travel to office was a very short distance relative to the other work places that I had worked at. Office commute was my second reason to look out for a bicycle. After performing enough research for nearly 2-3 weeks, I finally felt I was ready to take a plunge and get myself a bicycle. I had zeroed in on a Hero Sprint and a Btwin Rockrider 5.1. Purchasing the cycle meant going down to the stores and local shops in addition to checking out websites to find out the price of the cycle that I wanted and to try it out to see if my feet felt right when I sat on the cycle. New cycles or old, used cycle was a thing that I had to consider. While at one end, I was keen on having something that gave me an assured service guarantee as well as pocket friendly. I had found the Hero’s Sprint to have almost every feature that I desired. The new one was priced at Rs. 7.5K at every store I visited. BTwin’s Rockrider 5.1 was priced at Rs. 15K at Decathlon as well as every online store that sold Btwin cycles.

The logical next choice was to look for a second handed cycle. Budget being a major constraint, it was the apt choice. I looked out in a few of the free ad magazines available at a newspaper stall. It now appeared like people had stopped posting ads there. Next stop, online ad websites. I checked a few of them but finally settled on Quikr. I was a registered member since quite some time and had attempted to sell several items there earlier. I was never sure about how the person on the other side of the screen would be. Nonetheless, I settled in for a Rockrider worth 12.5K. The ad was posted sometime in August and was skeptical about the availability of the cycle. The main reason to choose this particular cycle was because the seller was located close by to my home.


The weekend when I was supposed to meet the seller, I happened to check the Quikr ads again. A new ad had appeared which spoke about a brand new Hero Sprint. The seller, presumably a lady, had not given her right phone number but had put up her mail address for communication. she must have been afraid about her privacy I assume. Her reason to sell, according to the ad was that it was bought as a gift but it wasn’t liked. I dropped her a response on Quikr, called the other seller and told him to hold on until a few days since I was out of town.


Replies to the responses were not immediately forthcoming. Understandable since people lead busy lives and may not check every mail or notification immediately. A few days later, a response sat in my mail box. The lady had bought the cycle for her husband as an anniversary gift. There was absolutely no problem with the cycle and it was less than a week old. She couldn’t share the photographs of the bicycle but invited us over to look at it and buy it if we liked. Another program was set for another weekend.

Packed with my wife and daughters, I set off to her house. This one brought back several memories since she stayed very very close to my Alma Mater, my school where I studied. She wasn’t exactly in one of those posh apartments but in the MIG colony flats. the cycle was safely tucked in inside her house I assumed since it was no where to be seen outside at least. I knocked at her door and a fairly old lady opened the door. She must have been in her late 50’s. A quick chat with her and her husband revealed that the cycle was bought by her for him because she thought that he would like being like the young guys around just like he was young at heart. It was meant to have been a surprise. However, things hadn’t quite gone as planned. Uncle found it really difficult to sit on the bicycle. It was high for him and he was really uncomfortable.

It was at such a time that they had seen the ad of Quikr on TV and decided that there was no point keeping the cycle at home if he could not ride it. The husband and wife decided to ask their son was in the US to post the ad for them. They were not very comfortable doing it themselves. They were not that very internet savvy and hardly understood the world of internet. Now I understood why the response to my queries had been delayed.

Anyways, I requested aunty to check the cycle out and found it to be exactly the same that I had wanted to buy if I ever bought a Hero Sprint. They had bought it for the same price that I had enquired, 7.5K. A little negotiation later we settled for Rs. 5.5K and the cycle was mine. After a cup of tea and about an hour chatting up with the uncle and aunty, we left the place, the cycle safely tucked into the car’s back side.

The cycle is now at my house. However, luck hasn’t been favorable. I fell ill with a bad case of viral and have not been able to take the cycle out for a spin ever since. Hopefully, this week, now that I am much better, I shall start building my endurance and then take it to work as well! Wish me luck guys, I need loads of it!

I found the Quikr ad here.

Thank you Blogadda for initiating me to Quikr I wouldn’t have found such a great deal otherwise.

A few pics of the bicycle which has become an integral toy to my daughters. I am only hoping that this would be the case until I manage to take it down on the road. BTW, I managed to buy quite a few accessories for the cycle at a great price as well. More about it sometime later!

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Days and nights suddenly seemed to be passing by fast. Jenny’s trial was due in the court. Java was however, not convinced. Jenny had confessed but then how could that have been possible. Every circumstantial evidence, had pointed towards Cyrus. He was sure of having him arrested and having him tried. Things had turned topsy turvy and not gone as he had intended. Gnawing doubts troubled him. How Jenny? Why would Jenny kill Naina? She said that she intended to kill Tara but then mistook Naina as Tara. But the murder was by a left handed person. She claimed that she was ambidextrous. He had never seen any ambidextrous properties in her. How then?
It was at such a time that his school friend had invited him over to dinner. They were having a house warming and Java had not met them since a while now. He had been looking forward to letting his legs and hair a little loose and relax for a while now. He would leave a little early from work that night, pick up a nice gift, and go there. Question was, what to gift them? His friend had been a rich spoilt brat and had almost everything that he could buy under the sun. Java finally decided to ditch everything and pick up a bouquet on the way to the house.
Having solved such a complex case had come with its own set of perks. One such had been press coverage and related instant recognition. Although this was what he had always wanted, to be known as the Mighty Java, he had not expected it to happen so quickly and easily. Shekhar Dutta who had once called his force as a bunch of fat bellied bureaucrats had written an article that was all praises. He knew that it was all hollow underneath but nonetheless. The TV crew had covered him as the cigar smoking sleuth and magazine covers were full with his full size pictures. What now irritated him was the fact that he could no longer stay the anonymous guy he had so very enjoyed to be all these years.
He silently left work on his 1975 authentic Royal Enfield that he had managed to somehow wrestle out of the force. The soul stirring thump and speed were what had drawn him to it instantly. He somehow did not find the new models to appeal as much to him. The company had made too many changes from what it was when it was manufactured by the British owners in the Madras factory. He had heard that these were collectors’ items back in UK now. “Oh the fancy of the white skinned people,” he thought. Letting the thump take over his thoughts, this was probably the only time the devils in his head had been quiet since the past few days. Maybe they were enjoying the thump as well. He quickly reached his destination, “Forget-me-not Florists.” Strange name for a florist but then they were known to be one of the best around his area. He had never had a girlfriend or a wife to know what kind of flowers to buy. He spotted a lady shopping in there and decided to ask her for her help.
“Ma’am, I am supposed to be going to a house warming ceremony and I really don’t know what kind of flowers to buy. Would you mind if you helped me?”
Initially taken aback, the lady quickly regaining herself shrieked, “Sir, autograph please! I have been reading so much about you in the papers. You solved such a complex case so easily! I am a big fan of yours!” Java was still not used to such appreciation and people warming up to him suddenly. “It would take me some time to acquire a celebrity status like taste,” he thought.
There was another lady in the shop who offered to help Java with bouquet selection. She introduced herself as Rohini. After helping him decide on the flowers and the type of the bouquet, she offered him some more tips on how he could present it there. Java, thanking her profusely asked her to join him for a cup of coffee at the nearby coffee shop as a token of Thanks. Rohini, while hesitant earlier, agreed.
Walking up to the coffee shop, Rohini asked Java about the murder at the Duttas’ residence. Everyone wanted Java to recount a firsthand account of what had transpired there and how he had solved the case. Java started his monologue narrative.
Rohini was not a fan and her reasons for talking to Java were different. She was actually Roohi’s counsellor at school. She wanted to know the specifics just because she had seen some changes in Roohi’s behavior over the past few weeks and she wanted to understand what she had been through.
After Java told Rohini about his ‘success story’, Rohini congratulated him on his success, satisfied the she more or less understood the situation and what Roohi had gone through. She noted that Roohi was the one who had discovered the dead body and hence there would be an impact on her psyche. She will need to take care of that during the counseling sessions.
“It must have been a moment of pride for you when Jenny confessed and your deductions were proved right”, Rohini made a closing remark to boost Java’s ego. 
Although Java had not revealed the truth to anyone, there was a strange amiability in Rohini, which made him tell things to her.
“Actually Rohini, I haven’t told this to anyone but the case breakthrough came as a shock to me. I had my suspicion on Cyrus but Jenny’s confession surprised me. Since she confessed, I had to accept it and sort of close the case but there were a few loose ends which trouble me even now”, Java opened up very candidly to Rohini.
Java then discussed with Rohini, the details of the case mentioning how postmortem had indicated that the murder had been through the left hand but the person caught was a right handed one. How Jenny had claimed to be ambidextrous etc. Rohini asked him if he had verified her claim and he replied in the negative. He told her how he still could not believe that Jenny could have murdered Naina although there was this small circumstantial evidence that Ahuja did not see anyone stab Naina which could mean the killer was shorter than Naina … and Jenny was the only suspect shorter than Naina.
Somewhere in these discussions and sips of cold coffee, Java realized that he had probably revealed too much to a stranger. To change the topic, he asked;”So Ms. Rohini, how come you are interested in the details of this case so much?”
“Sir, actually I am Roohi’s counselor at school for quite some time. I wanted to hear about the case to assess what kind of impact it might have had on Roohi and what should I take care of in future sessions”, said Rohini with as much confidence she could muster.
Java was surprised and amused at the same time. He asked Roohi what was she counseling Roohi for and what he heard then shook him completely and the cold coffee was forgotten.
Rohini told Java about her sessions with Roohi with whom she had been doing counseling sessions for quite some time. Roohi was a very quiet child in school and some teachers felt she was depressed. This led to the counseling sessions where Roohi told Rohini about her life, her parents, their fights, their careers, their conflicts and how she missed a happy family.
Rohini then told Java about a recent incident where Roohi had picked up a fight with one of the senior girls at school. In a fit of rage, Roohi had flown to the girl like a tigress and tackled her towards the school boundary wall. Strangely, she referred to herself in third person and kept repeating, “Nobody ever talks like this about Roohi’s dad. No one comes between Roohi and her dad!”
Rohini then pointed out to Java that Roohi, was a coy, shy and a very reserved girl. But these random, very rare incidents, showed the aggressive side of Roohi’s personality. It was also interesting to note that these outbursts were often related to some discussion about her dad.
“This is when I began to suspect DID”, said Rohini, taking a sip from her coffee.
“DID? What’s this DID Rohini … care to explain?” asked Java.
Rohini explained to Java about Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and how it occurred in people.
“Mr Jawalkar, children at young age needs a lot of attention and proper care. It is very common these days for children to posses multiple personality. There are various reasons for that, for example, if the parents are always fighting in the house, or if the child is neglected of basic love and care from either of the parents. In some cases we’ve seen that the child has got everything in abundance has developed DID, see there has to be a balance. And, in the cases where a child is raised by servants and abused during childhood, it’s most common.”
“Now, coming back to Roohi, she was very possessive about her Dad and due to the constant problems at her home between her mom and dad, DID had taken roots and Roohi was experiencing multiple personalities. Roohi was shy who would listen to the jabs of other students so Roohi would then turn to Ritu who was a tigress in herself, fierce, violent and forever angry. Roohi never knew Ritu, Ritu never knew Roohi. Once she was back from the attack of Ritu, Roohi had sobbed uncontrollably at being told that she had hurt the senior girl. Roohi could not or rather, would not swat a fly. Ritu wouldn’t hesitate.”
Java’s interest had been piqued. This was all very interesting and the Devils inside his head were both chattering so very loudly, that Java had to make a loud slurping sound of cold coffee to quite them. Java scratched his head and asked, “So you mean that the other personality they develop is actually the countermeasure of what they lack in their real life?”
Rohini smiled and said, “Yes, one can say that. Usually these children are deprived, mentally tortured, or suppressed of thing which comes out in other personality. Sometimes we’ve learnt that the other personalities could be far stronger and do stuff that the host, the original person, could not have done in normal life. These personalities start speaking completely different language that they have never learnt, or possess extreme body power, etc. And people usually in India commonly call that phenomena as ‘bhoot’, ‘possessed’ or ‘mata aa gayee’ too”
Java was shocked, “Woah woah woah … wait a minute … are you saying that a nine year old girl suffering from DID could potentially commit a murder? And she wouldn’t even know about it?”
Before even thinking about it, Rohini replied, “Yes. She can. And, she is a potential danger to people around her. However, Roohi hasn’t reached that stage yet. DID syndrome aggravates slowly over a period of time and the behavior becomes more and more aggressive, more and more violent. Although the incident at school indicates some violence, murder is something very serious and it takes time for an untreated patient to escalate to that level.
Java said, “Roohi looks so vulnerable and innocent, I can’t believe she is capable of all these.”
“Roohi is not, but Ritu is.” – clarified Rohini
Java said casually, “Same difference.”
Rohini almost screamed, “No!!! It’s not,” then immediately mellowed down and softly said, “When Ritu takes over, Roohi is completely unaware of the fact, she has no idea what’s going on. That’s why that headache occurs, and she can’t remember anything what happens when Ritu is taken over.”
Hear this, the devils inside Java’s head began rambling and the mental machinery inside his had begun to spin at full throttle. He began to question and re-consider all the evidence and clues that he had either assigned to Jenny or ignored. He was thinking aloud with Rohini who was also helping him structure his conclusions.
Java quickly asked, “Is Roohi left handed?”
“Roohi is right handed. However, Ritu can be left-handed,” clarified Rohini.
The piece of the puzzle fell into place. Java pondered about the recent conversation with Roohi. “Who? Tara?”
For one moment during the interrogation, Roohi actually had turned into Ritu and back. “How did he, the super cop Java fail to notice it?” he wondered.
He thought about the stab wound at lower back level instead of the upper back or shoulder which is common when men/women of full height are involved. He also considered again Ahuja’s statement that he did not see anyone stabbing Naina (Roohi being much shorter was completely hidden behind Naina and not visible). He thought about the direction of stab wound and Jenny’s statement of being ambivalent which he did not believe and now Rohini had mentioned that DID personalities can be ambivalent.
Java’s head was now spinning, and everything that wasn’t making sense was falling right in place. YES. It all makes sense now. Rohini helped Java conclude the motive too. Roohi had mentioned in her counseling sessions that dad was her favorite and she did not like Mom when she fought with him or even their maid, Naina when she would try to spend time talking to her dad. Ritu, Roohi’s alter-ego wanted Naina out of the way so that Shekhar would be able be spend more time with little Roohi/Ritu.
 “How did it get so late so soon?” mumbled Rohini. 
Java asked her to clarify and Rohini explained, “As I had mentioned earlier, DID syndrome aggravates slowly over a period of time and the behavior become more and more aggressive, more and more violent. Although the incident at school indicates some violence, murder is something very serious and I could not have imagined Roohi or let’s say Ritu take such an aggressive step so soon.”
Java’s thoughts were right now centered on two women – Jenny and Tara. He feared for the life of the people around Roohi and also about Jenny being in remand. He had to make this right. He had to correct it, right now. He had to first warn Mrs. Dutta and then talk to Jenny. Why had the stupid girl confessed to something that she had not done?”
He asked Rohini if she had ever spoken about this to the Duttas. She replied in positive. Rohini told him how the Tara Dutta never bought her counsel and had rather told her that their daughter was not mad. Rohini found it difficult to fathom the fact that even during this rising age of the internet, people thought having DID was being mad. DID was curable. It just needed the right kind of counselling. The Duttas were not willing to believe or buy. This could have been because Tara had once claimed to Rohini that neither she nor Shekhar had once seen Roohi be fierceful or hysterical. However, only Rohini realized that Roohi was totally changing into Ritu in certain counselling sessions. However, murderous instincts had never been visible in Roohi/Ritu. The maximum Roohi/Ritu ever did was to blabber about her name, write poems, draw sketches, and pick up silly fights. “How did it get so late so soon?
Java was now really worried. He asked Rohini if she would like to join him to go meet the Duttas right then. Rohini asked, “Do you think it would help?”
“We need to try. We would also need to have the entire case relooked into. However bad or good I may be, I cannot let an innocent go down the gallows,” saying this Java got up from the table and settled the bill immediately at the counter. Completely engrossed in unraveling threads inside his head, Java gave the cashier, a five hundred rupee note and asked him to keep the change while he himself rushed out. Rohini ran behind him. “Hey, hang on. I will come with you. Maybe together we could achieve something,” she said.
Quickly jumping onto the bike and kicking it to life, Java gestured her to sit on the bike. His helmet, he had forgotten it at the table inside. Before the waiter could realize and get it for him, Java was speeding down the winding road towards Duttas’ residence. In a matter of 15 minutes, Java had reached the locality. As the bike neared the society where the Dutta’s lived, Java saw the Dutta’s in their car coming out of the society gate. Wildly gesturing them to stop, Java did not realize that a truck was rounding the corner from the opposite direction. When he did realize, it was already too late.
Lying in a pool of blood outside the society road, Java and Rohini were slowly and quietly engulfed in pitch darkness. Just as Java shut his eyes for one last time, all he saw was Roohi wave a good bye to them.
Sleep my dear friend a deep sleep,
We have many secrets to keep.
My game shall be known by nobody.
My secrets are deep, dig them not; you will be left bloody!
I care for my Dad,
Is that really that bad?
I was made for him,
He, for my whim.
I am not done yet,
There shall be more to come, you bet!
Was it Roohi? Was it Ritu? Did Roohi really not know Ritu and did Ritu not know Roohi? This question remained unanswered. Was it more there into Roohi/Ritu than Rohini had known?
Jenny was sentenced to life imprisonment on charges of committing murder on the basis of the confession that she had signed.
A heartbroken Cyrus was back in Delhi studying law with the hope that he would someday help Jenny get out of there.
The Duttas’ life had moved on as well. Roohi was much happier now, the main reason being Shekhar’s happiness. Tara and Shekhar fought less and were generally happy now. It is said that watching a horror movie or going through tragedy in one’s lives together makes them closer. That is what has happened between Tara and Shekhar. They almost never fought now. Although Roohi at times felt jealous when Tara spent time with Shekhar, it all subsided as Shekhar was giving her complete attention, and he even appreciated her writing skills after reading her essays in her English workbook.
Shekhar still does not know that Cyrus was his son; his own blood. So does Roohi.
***********The End***********
DID is not really a disease. It is a curable Psychological condition that needs immediate psychological help. We would like to once again emphasize that a person with DID/Multiple Personality Disorder/Split Personality is not mad. Treat him with same respect and love as you would have had he been fine. You can read more about DID here.

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Java had been relishing the thought of having seen Jenny at her apartment earlier that day. Each time he closed his eyes, the Malayali beauty seemed to serenade and seduce him. He had started getting restless. To top it all, the devils in his head had not stopped bickering once since he had got back. Rather, they continued to talk of Jenny and her body. It wasn’t that he was not enjoying it. It was that she was a suspect and a murder suspect at that. Such stuff was not supposed to happen now; at least not when he had called her and that Virus guy to the police station to be interrogated tomorrow. He wondered if the two would turn up to the police station in time more so if that Virus guy would turn up at all. He hadn’t cared to send a constable down to let him know that he was supposed to be present at the station. He decided that if Cyrus did not turn up tomorrow by about 10, he would send a constable down to his house and have him brought over. He had no other option. He hated not having any options.
Meanwhile, the devils had increased their torture on Java. The visual scenery kept getting more explicit by the passing minute, the passion soaring to an extent beyond his control. No, shaking them off or asking them to shut up did not help. It only came back with a vengeance and much more explicit. It was sometime in the middle of the night when he decided he had had enough and jumped out of the bed. He seemed to have more sleepless nights ever since this case had come up. He attributed some of it to the grudge he had long nursed against Shekhar.
He got into the shower and let the voices in him take control once again. However, this time, he ensured he was directing them to talk what he wanted them to. He did this often when he got into a difficult turn in a case and could think no further. Today was one such day. He had planned to interrogate all the five suspects, especially Jenny and Cyrus ever since he had found that they had been lying to him. He was sure that there was a strong motive behind the murder. What he was not sure of was whether Naina was really the target or was it somebody else. Ahuja had mentioned seeing two people walk in and out of the room before Naina had been murdered. He also mentioned that there was nobody standing behind her when she collapsed. May be it was too dark for Ahuja to have really made out somebody’s presence. Maybe there really was no one. Or it could have been somebody shorter than Naina. There were too many “maybes” at this point. He just could not point his finger to one person and say you are the killer.
Releasing all his pent up anger on the bike’s kicker shaft while nearly breaking it, Java started his ride from his home to the office. He had been lost in his own thoughts so much that he had forgotten both his breakfast and tea. He turned back to stop by his regular store to pick up something to eat and a cup of cutting to drink. The shopkeeper knew more than enough on how to keep such customers happy. At least that meant that he was not harassed like the other shop owners in his area. Java, to him today, appeared to be in a somber mood. On other days, he would have probably chatted up and passed on information or two. Today was not such a day. Quietly getting back to business, Java got back to his bike and was quickly on his way to work.
It was not the first time that Java had showed up early at work. His colleagues knew well that when Java arrived early at work, it purely meant that someone was a dead duck that day. They would maintain their distance and would do what they were asked to without once questioning it. Java glanced at the wall clock in his office. It was just about 7.30 in the morning. Relaxing back a bit, Java mentally went through the points that he had made a note of during the earlier interrogations he had performed. One technique that he had always found to have worked when a couple was around was to get both the suspects to sense that the other was breaking down and on the verge of confession. He wondered if that would work today. He had found Jenny to be a little weak when it came to emotions. No wonder she would always end up shouting at him. Cyrus, on the other hand, was different. Law schooling had taught him how to deal with the men of law. His romantic side had not come out yet.
At about 8, he assembled his team and decided on who shall be with him and what role shall be played by whom. He left the job of interrogating Jenny to a lady constable. The last thing he wanted was to get into a tussle with the Human Rights team about how to talk to women. The roles and role plays being decided, it was time to wait for Jenny and Cyrus. Interestingly, the two turned up together 15 minutes early much against the apprehensions that he had built up.
Not being of the kind to exchange pleasantries, Java got Cyrus into one room, while Jenny was taken to another to be questioned.
“Good that you came down without me personally calling you Virus…”
“Can we get straight to the point and be done with this? I have several things at hand to do than just sitting here all day,” Cyrus interjected.
“Like… killing one more from the Dutta family?”
“I object! It’s your job to find out who the criminal is. You cannot blatantly call me a criminal when you have nothing to prove against me.”
“You know what I like the most about you Virus? You are smart and intelligent but not more than me. So I would suggest you better shut up and co-operate with me!”
“Alright, please ask your questions.”
“Where were you when the murder happened?”
“You have asked that a thousand times already. I was at the Duttas’ out of sheer coincidence and have nothing to do with the murder that occurred there.”
“How long have you known the Duttas?”
“Not more than a few hours, I must say.”
“What about Jenny?”
“I met her at the Duttas’ residence.”
“Oh! Is it?”
“What’s in it not to believe?”
“I do not believe you and I have my reasons. I would suggest that you come clean without me getting dirty.”
“You are threatening me.”
“I am warning you Cyrus, the Virus. I love it when I get my suspects to scream their truth out by force!”
“Don’t forget I am a student of law and know my rights. I dare you to touch me. I will ensure that you are sorry for it.”
“Oh…. Now Java is afraid,” said Java acting as though he was shivering and added, “Listen boy! I know your past, your present and your future. I have all the evidences that points that you committed the murder.”
“Show it to me, I don’t believe you. I have every right to know what evidence you have against me,” thundered Cyrus.
Java laughed, “Not so easy Virus. First let me allow you to install into the system, relax a little and feel that you are safe, and then I will start the anti-virus! What’s the hurry?”
“Look Java…”
“Show me Virus,” said Java cutting Cyrus mid-sentence.
“Please stop wasting my time. If you have nothing to prove and are only trying to build castles in the air, let me tell you that you will not succeed.”
“What’s the chemistry between you and Jenny?”
“I have told you earlier already, I have nothing to do with her. I don’t know her much.”
Just then the devils started their conversation as well, “So either Jenny did not tell him anything, or he is pretending.” The other devil only said “True that! I think it is time you told him what you know about them!”
Java turned towards the door and walked out with his heels clicking behind him. Cyrus thought he had managed to scare Java away but before he could heave a sigh of relief, Java was back and he threw something on the table in front of him.
“I thought you knew that I knew this,” he said.
Cyrus was dumb founded.
Meanwhile, in the other room where Jenny was being interrogated, she was having no less a tough time either.
“So madam, are you sure you have nothing to do with the murder?”
“No. I do not.”
“Why did you lie in the beginning that you did not know Cyrus?”
“I did not consider it to be of an importance to this case.”
“Who are you to decide what is important and what is not?”
“Listen, I am sorry about that, but I really did not think of it to be of any importance. We had broken up a long time back and had met there just out of sheer co-incidence”
“Why did the two of you break up?”
“I did not, he did. I don’t know the reason.”
“Madam, by not telling us the complete truth you are only digging your grave! We have evidence to prove that you and Cyrus were in this together and murdered Naina!”
“We did not murder Naina…” Jenny said breaking into a sniff.
“Then who did?”
“That’s your job to find out.”
“We know our job well and don’t need you to remind us about that. Why did Cyrus break up with you?”
“He said he loved somebody else.”
“Tara” shrieked Jenny.
At the same time, Java who was interrogating Cyrus asked the same questions.
“Why did you break up with Jenny?”
“I had had enough of the relationship and wanted some time out to explore myself.”
“Explore by finding your long lost father? Here in Mumbai?” said Java throwing another bomb on Cyrus by throwing the envelope that was found among Cyrus’ possessions.
Cyrus was now beginning to get nervous. He thought that Java would not connect the dots and suspect him for murder of Naina, but this guy really knew a lot more than he had bargained for.
“Was he aware of my plan to make Shekhar suffer? Has he informed Shekhar about this?” Cyrus wondered.
Just then, a constable came in and whispered something into Java’s ear. Immediately disappointed by the news, Java asked the constable to take Cyrus out and stepped into Jenny’s interrogation room.
The shadow hummed these lines.
Say you´ll always love me
Until the end of time
Say you gonna be there
Until all die: be mine
Tomorrow all the fear is gone
We’ll be free
When the act is done
Tomorrow It´s just you and me

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It had been a few days since the incident had occurred. Life in the Dutta household was slowly limping back to normalcy. Roohi was much better and she had resumed going to school. Naina’s loss had left a void in the Dutta family’s home. It was hard to fill in her shoes. Tara had taken a few weeks off until she could set things back to like earlier. She must have called God only knows how many agencies for a full time maid but had no luck. Some were down right too expensive, some dumb! Some even down right snobs and some who could not handle the sight of children. She was getting tired of the kind of people she met every day. Her office work suffered but then it was her home which was her priority.
When Naina was around, she had taken care of just about everything. Right from preparing breakfast for the family to getting Roohi ready and seeing her off to school. Things were so very different now. Roohi was no longer a kid. She had her own problems as well. Tara and Roohi had never spoken about it. Things had gone so very out of hand that Roohi was now a lot closer to Shekhar than her. He knew all her likes, dislikes, her friends and foes. Everything. Tara was having a tough time being a mother. The road from a career woman to a mom was a long one and it had a lot of learning to be done along. If only she had paid a lot more attention to her home earlier.
On the other hand, Java was getting restless with every passing day. He had not had any kind of a break through even though he had run every detail of the case and the interrogations done through his mind several times over. He was going crazy. He had dispatched off teams to all the corners possible to check the antecedents of Jenny and Cyrus. Jenny had been to several places before coming down to Mumbai. The last known location that she had mentioned was Delhi. What would a Malayali born down south do in a land so very up north? Then he remembered, that she had mentioned being brought up in the Gulf. So very typical.
Cyrus was the thorn that kept hurting him. Why would a law student, born and brought up in Delhi, leave the place and come down to Mumbai. That too in the middle of a term. Something here was not right. If he had probably once said that he had been interested in acting but had been forced in to studying law by his parents, he would have bought it once. But he had said nothing of that sort. He in fact had no reason to be here and provided no reason either. Even the ones that he did, were not concrete.
A furrow formed over his brow. He had been thinking too much. He itched it in desperation and called out for another Sulaimani Chai. This was his staple diet since last few days. The boys were well aware when their boss would ask for chai so they always stood by in stand by taking turns. The usually calm demeanor had been replaced by an easily agitated and short tempered one.
He called for the evidences and photographs of the site to be brought to him. The file had never seen the dark room where all the records went after a case was closed. This case did not appear to be closing fast. On one hand, both Roohi and Tara had mentioned about Naina wearing Tara’s clothes and a fight happening around it. But this was no reason for anyone to kill Naina. Forensic reports had shown Naina to be a virgin. He could not have pointed to Shekhar for probably having violated her and then killing her because she got pregnant. In this case, pregnancy appeared too far-fetched a thought. The package had been returned unopened to the sender he smirked.
He looked through the photographs at the crime scene and the evidence collected. He had grown so accustomed to those that he lazily flipped through them. That’s when his eyes fell on the forensic report about the presence of a skin in Naina’s nails. She had tried defending herself, did she? Should he get the skin samples identified? He thought for the better. He called the forensic team over the phone and asked them to pick up samples from each of the suspects bodies to test. He called the suspects individually and asked them to co-operate. Suspects are known to turn hostile. After a little haggling, all complied. Thank fully, nobody gave him any more gyan on their rights.
Just then, his team who had been dispatched to probe Jenny had returned. She was clean in this matter. However, local police stations in Bengal where she had said to have frequented often reported several cases of trespassing. The matters had been serious. Most of the reports being filed by the Forest Department for having entered the Sunderbans without permission. Although she had not killed any animal, this was still considered a serious offence. He was willing to dismiss this case as that of being haughty by age.
Checks on Cyrus had instead not been smooth. He seemed to have pulled all strings to ensure that it would be difficult for him to place a check. His Law background had seemed to be helping him. However, he had now finally crossed that step and had an official search warrant against him. Cyrus could do nothing now. He would personally go down and investigate and search.
Shekhar and Tara had appeared fairly harmless right from the start, although he had once thought about Shekhar having a major role to play. Their interrogations had shown no success. Their antecedent checks had been completed fairly smoothly and fast enough. They had nothing to hide. Even if he did not want to, he had to spare them. He had absolutely no evidence to keep them under the suspect list but he could not leave them yet.
Java had a clear inkling. There was a missing link and that had to be found. It was really not possible that a murder could happen and there be no clue left behind. However smart a thief would be, he would leave behind some clue. Some evidence. He just had to look for it – in the right place and on the right person. He had to go back to the crime scene. He had to look around. He was not sure how accommodating the Dutta folks would be, but it was all a part of his job.
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Chapter – EL – 2
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Beads of sweat trickled down her neck as she swatted another mosquito on her hand. She had been waiting for him since the last 3 days, but she hadn’t caught a sight of him. She had got a tip by a friend who in turn had received the news from a localite about finding footprints. “Uff, these local people! Always in a hurry,” she thought. Although she had covered her dusky body with a mosquito repellant cream and had food to last her two more days, she had begun losing hope of seeing him ever again. She had last seen him in flesh when she was just a giggly, jumpy, and a bubbly 10 year old, at which time she was with her grandfather. “Patience favors the brave,” he often said, “and patience is what you will need if you have to see him” he continued.
The season had been just right for the sighting. It had stopped raining just a few weeks back, and there was abundance of water and greenery all around her. With the help of some local boys, she had built a machan, a good height from the ground hidden away from the view. However, she could still look out. The boys left ever since, and she was sitting here alone reminiscing about the way life has moved over in the past few months.
Taking another bite from the cold roti that was left with her, she couldn’t help but feel seething hatred inside for her boss, her boyfriend, and everyone in general. “Jerks!” she muttered, “they underestimate the wrath of Jennifer, Jennifer Joseph.” She lost her job after she refused the advances that her boss had made towards her, and soon her parasitic boyfriend left her alone as well. She still had plans on how to survive. She had an iron grit and was determined to make a cut in the world of photography, now that she was out of the corporate world.
She checked her camera and lenses. All in order. Her mind drifted back to her childhood, “Grandpa, how long does it take to see him? How does he look like in real?” she quipped for the nth time. “Have patience, darling. When you look at him, you may not have the heart to take your eyes off him. The offering that we have kept is just to appease him.”
She did exactly the same thing. When she arrived at the Godhkhali, she picked up a goat and packed it off into the rear of the pickup truck that she had hired. She then contacted her local contact and he brought her in here, to Sunderbans. She had herself seen the pug marks. Going by the marks, the tiger should have been around 4 years old and definitely in the heats given this season, it should be coming around. She immediately set a camp there and tied the goat to the tree.
Tonight, the goat appeared restless. It kept bleating incessantly. She knew what it meant. He was around. However, it was not until late in the morning that she heard him. His throaty growl affirmed her that she had been right about him. She straightened herself and picked up her camera making it ready for action. She liked tigers so much since the first time she had seen one. She liked them so much that she had inked her right hand with a tiger tattoo. It always reminded her to be patient and strong.
Leaves rustled somewhere. The goat was now silent, in terror. It knew that its end was near. In just a few minutes, it would all be over, the goat, the photography session, and the tiger’s walk in the jungle. She looked around with her binoculars. He was hiding exactly on the opposite side of her. He may have come from the other side of the swamp. No wonder, she did not hear him earlier. It was one of the most beautiful creations on the earth. Bright yellow with jet black stripes. William Blake’s poem just struck her then,
“Tyger Tyger, burning bright,
In the forests of the night;
What immortal hand or eye,
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?
In what distant deeps or skies.
Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
On what wings dare he aspire?
What the hand, dare seize the fire?
And what shoulder, & what art,
Could twist the sinews of thy heart?
And when thy heart began to beat,
What dread hand? & what dread feet?
What the hammer? what the chain,
In what furnace was thy brain?
What the anvil? what dread grasp,
Dare its deadly terrors clasp!
When the stars threw down their spears
And water’d heaven with their tears:
Did he smile his work to see?
Did he who made the Lamb make thee?
Tyger Tyger burning bright,
In the forests of the night:
What immortal hand or eye,
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?”

How very true had he been! She focused her camera on the Tiger. She briefly felt his eyes stopping on her just as she stopped on his. Beautiful brown eyes. And then, came the roar, and the smell of blood flooded her nose.

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Yahoo recently came up with several changes to its applications and web based portal in an attempt to salvage what was left of its market share as well as claw back more of what it has already lost. While the decision about its success or failure purely depends on its users and consumers, the products and the changes that Yahoo made have been detailed out for you below.

Yahoo Aviate:

Yahoo acquired Aviate which was a startup back in time in order to make a successful entry into the world of Android and more importantly launcher replacements. Aviate’s USP has always been able to show context and location aware apps as well as data to the user. However, where it fails is in its very USP. Till date, Aviate has not been able to detect the location on its own and does not provide a method to teach it either. I am sure, if Aviate manages to learn the User Location and become a little more aware, it would definitely come to be known as one of the best launchers. Key features of Aviate have been listed below.

Key Features

  • SIMPLE: Yahoo Aviate simplifies everything about your Android phone: it clears the clutter by automatically categorizing your apps and making them easy to find.
  • INTELLIGENT: Yahoo Aviate also makes your phone smarter by anticipating the apps and information you need throughout your day.
  • New features:
    • People: Yahoo Aviate automatically suggests you set “Favorites” for your most popular contacts. Now, with a simple swipe up from the home screen, you can call, text, or email your favorite people.
    • Calendar: Yahoo Aviate also incorporates some of the most intelligent machine learning and predictive technologies from the Incredible Labs team to anticipate the information you want.
      • If the next meeting on your calendar is a conference call, a single tap will dial you in and even enter your conference code.
      • Running late to a meeting? Email all the attendees with one tap to let them know.
      • On your way to work? Aviate will estimate commute time, taking traffic into consideration. Heading out to dinner with friends? Aviate makes it simple to call an Uber to get there.
    • More Daily Habits:
      • One-swipe access to daily habits like your alarm clock, weather, a daily news summary, and a curated Flickr image of the day that you can set as your background.
      • Instead of just giving you a snapshot of the day’s weather, Aviate will alert you if today is cooler or warmer than yesterday, or if it’s more likely to rain or snow.
      • Track your sleep feature

To quote Yahoo Aviate, “Yahoo Aviate isn’t just an app; it’s the home base for your entire mobile experience. It’s the last thing you touch at night and the first thing you touch when you wake up in the morning. It’s a brand new experience, so give Yahoo Aviate at least a week to see if it can change the way you interact with your phone”
Check out Tumblr Post Link for more details –

You can download Aviate here

Flickr 3.0 for iOS and Android

Flickr again a startup in the early 2000’s started as an online community with limited space for 200 photos per user. Anything more meant that the user had to purchase a Flickr Pro account. Flickr has come a long way from there. It is no longer as restrictive as the Flickr of the yore nor is it limited to just the web. It has made remarkable strides in terms of evolving and reinventing itself. It is now no more restricted to the web only and is now available as a very mature app on the iOS and Android platforms. This app is just the app you should be looking for if you take several pics and share them often but are restricted by the amount of space that Dropbox, Box and OneDrive offer to you. Flickr offers you 1TB of cloud storage with cross sync across devices as well as a lot more. Yes, it cannot replace the aforesaid apps in terms of file sharing but then when it comes to photographs, it not only travels the whole 9 yards but many many more after that. Key features of the new iOS and Android apps have been listed below:

Stunning photos made easy

At the heart of Flickr apps is a powerful mobile camera that makes it easy to take and share amazing photos in high resolution. On iPhone and iPod touch, fourteen live filters let you see how the photo will look even before you take it and refine your pictures in real-time with a suite of sophisticated editing tools. Whether its filters, vignettes, auto-enhance or more professional tools like color balance, levels and exposure – Flickr’s camera gives you full control over your photos all the time.
New to the Flickr apps, you can record up to 30 seconds of stunning HD video using the same live filters available with photos. Customize your video by adding different segments of footage and if you record a segment that you don’t like, simply remove it with one tap.

All your pictures in one place

On Flickr, everyone gets 1,000 gigabytes of storage free, enough space for more than 500,000 photos and pretty much all the space you’ll ever need. Our new Auto Sync feature lets you seamlessly upload all your original quality photos from your phone automatically to your account, so that Flickr can be your camera roll in the cloud.
Flickr has also introduced a new way to rediscover and explore your images. Even if you have thousands of photos, the intelligent search engine will help you find what you’re looking for fast. Flickr’s understanding of your photo’s metadata – date and time (ex: “January 2014”), place (ex: “San Francisco”), and even scenes and objects (ex: “car,” “sunset,” “beach,” “portrait”) helps organize your images so you don’t have to.

Share and connect with the Flickr community

Sharing photos on Flickr is also easier than ever. Using batch organization and our enhanced sharing features, share any of your photos from Flickr directly to Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. On Flickr, discover photos from your friends and people you don’t even know yet. With the new Flickr apps Yahoo hopes you’ll take a moment wherever you are to be inspired and inspire others. See photos from the photographers you follow and find what your friends are sharing right on Flickr. Join the conversation or start one of your own by marking a photo favorite and leaving comments!
Flickr has always been about celebrating beautiful photography. Browse top trending photos within the Explore feature and discover new photographers to follow and places to go right from your phone.
Yahoo is also helping you discover more about the photo itself with an enhanced information screen. Find out where the photo was taken and which camera and lens were used to create each shot. You’ll uncover the story behind the photo and gain valuable insights to elevate your own skills!

Some quick facts on Flickr

  • Flickr has more than 92 million unique users
  • Over 10 billion photos uploaded to Flickr
  • Since introducing auto-uploader on the iPhone in Oct 2013, over 40% of photos uploaded to Flickr are from auto-upload
  • Since the Q2 ’14 iOS app launch, global mobile uploads on Flickr have gone up by 50 percent.
  • Flickr’s new photo page puts the photo front and center. With increased performance, you can now view 18 photos in the time it used to take to view 1 photo
  • Over the last year, daily photo uploads have steadily increased more than 3x and we are having the highest level of engagement of our users.

Check out our Flickr page on Tumblr for more details-

Yahoo News Digest

App delivers an easy – to – navigate summary of the top International news stories twice a day
The International edition of Yahoo News Digest for both iOS and Android users is now available in India. With this app, users can stay on top of all the need-to-know International news, twice a day, on their mobile phones.
Yahoo launched the iPhone version in the United States and United Kingdom earlier this year and received an overwhelming response. 40% of those who downloaded the app keep coming back to it on a daily basis. Encouraged by the response, they are now bringing the experience to more people around the world.
Remember waking up to the local morning news? Coming home to the evening news? Reading a newspaper from front to back page? These formats have been daily habits since the invention of the television and the printing press. Yahoo News Digest wants you to revisit a content format that when read, leads you to a sense of completion and conclusiveness, much like reading the newspaper did.
With Summly, Yahoo learned that people don’t necessarily have the time to read a lengthy article, especially when they have limited screen real-estate while they’re on the go. By giving powerful algorithmic summaries they found that people were willing to consume more content when it was boiled down to the most important bits.
Yahoo News Digest makes your news reading experience simplified, effortless, comprehensive, and complete. Every morning and night, the app delivers a summarized version of the top International news, in an easy-to-navigate design.
With this, Yahoo has taken summarization to the next level with News Digest, by algorithmically and editorially selecting the important articles and using multi-document summarization to identify the key “bits and pieces of information”. These bits and pieces have been named “Atoms.” These Atoms assembled from around the web include articles, maps, infographics, Wikipedia extracts, videos, photos and more.
The app covers stories from news categories like – News, Technology, Sports, Business, World etc. Users can scan the summary, as well as read “atoms,” which conveys different dimensions of the story from the who, what, when, how, and why of a topic.
The Android version of the Yahoo News Digest was built specifically with a new home screen widget that will display the most recent unread digest for easy viewing. Unlike other home screen widgets, the Yahoo News Digest widget keeps track of the digests you’ve read.

Yahoo Mail App

Your Mail, News and Info – at one glance.
Yahoo recently announced the launch of the new Yahoo Mail app for both iOS and Android users in India so that not just email, but all the information that’s most important to you every day is right at your fingertips.
The multi-talented app surfaces the information you search for every day – your email, news, weather and more – all in one place. The app is designed with a focus on simplicity: it’s the familiar Yahoo Mail experience, plus one-tap access to personalized, real-time information.
When you first open the Yahoo Mail app, you’ll see your Yahoo Mail inbox. You’ll also see a new panel with icons for Mail, News and Today on your screen. This is where all your news, information, and communications come together in one integrated experience.
The new Yahoo Mail on Android comes with a couple of unique features. Simply swipe left or right or tap the relevant icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to quickly and seamlessly move between your inbox, news stream, and Today.
As part of this update, Yahoo is also introducing a new experience when you search for people in your inbox. When you start typing a name, Yahoo Mail offers smart search suggestions – including both people and messages – to help you narrow down your search. The app filters your search results by messages, files or photos, and you can easily scroll through them to find what you’re looking for.
When you’re finished reading and replying to your email, a quick tap on the News icon will show you what’s happening in the world around. From latest political developments, to business and economy to celebrity gossip – you will find all the news in the visually rich news stream.
In the Today icon you’ll find a snapshot of the information you care about most every day — from your local weather to a news digest and images from Flickr.
To enjoy this seamless, integrated and personalized experience in the new Yahoo Mail app you can download the app from App Store and Google Play.