12 September 2008

I have moved

Image304-1 I had long been intending to move my blog out of blogger and host it on a separate host. This week I finally did that. I have finally moved out of my Blogger account and created a self hosted WordPress blog. All my old blog posts that you were used to seeing on my other blog are here. So you would feel absolutely at home. In case you have subscribed to my blog using my feeds or by email, don't worry that you would have to subscribe over and again. If you are seeing this post on your reader or in your mail, you already have been pointed to my new blog. Just update your bookmarks to point to my new site. I would continue to post my updates and ramblings as often as I can. Sometimes in bulk, like in the past few days, or sometimes in moderation, like it was a few months back; but I promise to keep you entertained for sure.

Till then its time to wrap off for now.

09 September 2008

Woh Meethe Pal

I happened to find this abandoned cycle on my neighbor's terrace the other day. It brought back memories that I cherished. I still remember those days when DD National channel played the serial "Street Hawk" on Sundays. Ecstasy! I used to consider myself as "The Street Hawk!" In fact, I even used to ape the serial by riding my then cycle, a white colored "BSA Champ", in the most reckless style!

This recklessness never fetched me any thing is a different thing. The thrill, the speed, the air running fast through the hair! What else could a 10 year old ask for? This 10 year old in me is still alive, probably that's the reason why I call my bike the night rider and drive as fast as possible!

However, these days I am seeing a negative trend setting in. there is  hardly a kid in my area who rides a bicycle! All that I see around me are kids as young as 13-14 burning the road with the 2-wheelers that their parents use. I share the wall of my building compound with another family. The children there, who are almost half my age, if not more, are double in waist size than me!
Ridiculous! Are we as the present generation, or parents, or friends, or siblings failing somewhere? I guess it is high time we opened our eyes and took a reality check.

I guess it’s high time we all hit the roads and exercised. After all, isn’t it true that a country is at its best when its inhabitants are at their healthiest best?

08 September 2008

Sandeep in Various Moods

We were at this Restaurant the other day and i was feeling naughty! Well, I remembered seeing another blogger having created a movie using the time lapse technique to capture photographs and place them in a time line! I did just that! :-) now i would be glad if you left your comments and suggestions to improve this video or my future captures! :-) well, the Character Artist, Sandeep Bansal, happens to be my colleague and a good friend! :-)

05 September 2008

Found this quote this morning in my Google Reader

'Whatever you give a woman, she's going to multiply. If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her.'
So - if you give her crap , will get a bucket full of shit !!!!!!

03 September 2008

Kareena Kapoor!

Mauja hi mauja? Public ko gayab kar diya isne!

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Program khatam paisa hazam

Wah kya program tha! Public ko hi bhaga diya! Hahahaha! LMAO!

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Shahid Kapur got a companion

Bhidu ye kya kar rela hai?

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Khali stage!

Show khatam kya? Pata nahin in bachchon ne aage kya organise kiya hai! ;-)

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Zakir Hussain in the gali?

Man! I did not know that! Albeit he is no match to even a novice! Lol!

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Public assembled for the show

The children managed to gather some audience! Lets see how long they can keep them captivated! :-)

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PC Sorcar in the making?

This was the kid's amateur hand at magic. Though he was not so very good, he managed to get a few applauses! :-)

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Gali ka Jagjit Singh

He tried mumbling a few words of poetry after all! :-)

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02 September 2008

Meri Zindagi ke Sabse Haseen Lamhe

Kuch aise lamhat haseen guzre pichle dinon,
Baatein kuch na kehkar bhi keh gaye woh,
In aankhon main muskaan wo bhar gaye,
Pankh mere mujhe lauta gaye!

Kuch khatti, kuch meethi yaadein,
Jazbaat haseen umadte laut te hain aa rahein,
Aaj dil hai jhoom raha,
Ya khuda shukr-guzaar! main aazaad hua!

Hai yeh pal itne haseen,
Ae dil nasheen, mujhe poora hai yakeen,
Mera aaj hai kuch aisa haal-e-dil,
Ya khuda, woh nahin to meri zindagi main koi aur hogi shaamil!

Aaj kuch man ka mahaul aisa hai ban raha,
Jaanta hun mere khuda, mere liye kuch achcha hai tune socha!
Mere liye jise hoga tune chuna,
Laakhon main ek hogi woh haseena!