05 December 2006

Move Ahead

A new life needs to start for me,
One that is happy and glee!
Leaving the past behind, moving ahead,
Leave no road uncovered, take care at the bend!

You shall encounter rocks abundant,
May be even stones on your pavement!!
Care not for them and cruise ahead,
Life calls you with its arms spread!!

It is very unwary, very cowardly vice,
If I decide to give up than think twice!!
A new somebody awaits me,
Somebody whose love shall be true to me!!


  1. good. nirav......i like ur spirit :). it has come out very well. keep it up - kk

  2. well a really nice one to motivate onself but is it so easy, i guess one has to tell this every day and more over one has to live in hope and believe that will get some one rather than the truth but really appreciate ur attempts and do let me know ur status now.sorry couldnt keep in touch.