29 November 2006

Mid of Wednesday!!

She finally started speaking to me!! but just as much as necessary!!! not a word more not a word less!! this has started taking its toll on me. just cannot seem to get back to my senses!! my brain is numb and i am working like a machine. i wish i could get the matter settled right away. but no!! i have promised myself to give her more time!!
lets just wait and watch!!!


  1. great nirav. welcm back to the world. just joking.... its really good and meaningful. its like wine u goes on improving with the time. and can i have ur autograph now only plz. i am not sure u will remb me after u becm famous "wink" . and i really mean it when i ay that cute face of urs doesnt look nice without that cute smile :).

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  3. hmmm.. my niru boy is rowing the love boat.. :D (sorry couldnt resist) but the anguish is horrid isnt it? its so frusterating.. u wanna b wid her but u know u have to give it time.. so near, yet so faar.. i know exactly how u feel my man !! hang in there buddy

  4. For those who are new - who's she in this case? I'm just curious to know :) :) kiddin....:)